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   Chapter 218 Visiting Nicholas (Part Two)

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The man who literally raised him up was old. The man who taught him everything he knew had grown old before he was aware of it. Terence's eyes were moist with tears.

"Oh cut it. Cut the tears! I am not dead! Save that for my funeral. For God's sake. Terence, a man should never shed tears. I've told you that for at least a hundred times. How come you always forget what I taught you. You little bastard! Come here, come to grandpa!" suddenly Nicholas laughed. "And here you are! Little girl, come to grandpa as well! What's your name again? Oh yes, how come I forget your name! Carla it is, am I right?"Nicholas waved to Carla because she was still standing at the corner, like a poor little frightened animal. Carla smiled back. The way Nicholas talked to Terence reminded her of her own grandfather though he passed away when she was little.

"Grandpa. Yes, I am Carla. You have a great memory." Carla also smiled back and walked towards them. She didn't feel nervous anymore because Nicholas was just Terence's kindly grandfather this moment, not the fierce Nicholas An.

Nicholas grabbed Carla's hand and put it in Terence's. "Look at the two of you. You remind me of when I first met your grandmother. Those were the good old days. What a great match. Now I am finally happy. Good girl. When is the wedding?"

Nicholas added, "I am getting old. I could die anytime. But I am still waiting for my great grandson to be born. Do you understand? Carla, the An family is counting on you. I am counting on you. You are not going to let grandpa down, are you?" smiled Nicholas. Carla couldn't help but blush again.

Nicholas was expecting his great grandson. But they weren't even married yet. That was a bit too hurry, was it not? But how could she say no to such a kindly old man.

While Carla was still thinking, Terence answered proudly, "Of course we will get married in no time. We can even get married now. I want the wedding more than

w could he say that in front of his grandson. Carla almost felt that Nicholas was a man of unexpected moods.

Terence almost couldn't restrain himself from roaring with laughter. Grandpa Nicholas was always like that. He was so good at messing with people to reveal their true colors. It almost became his instinct. But Carla had nothing to hide. Because she was always like that, simple and innocent. Terence believed that he had to save Carla from Nicholas now. Or Carla would blame everything on him.

"Nathan, come in." Terence called out.

Nathan answered the call and soon carried the painting in. He carefully rested the covered painting on the marble round table and revealed what was under the cloth.

What a masterpiece! Nicholas gave a gasp of surprise. It was a portrait, a portrait of himself. "Who painted it? What an honor! I have to meet this artist. This artist is today's Picasso, if I may say so." "Do you like it?" asked Terence with a trace of proud. Nicholas butted in, "Like it? Of course not! I love it! It's a masterpiece!"Nicholas even became impatient in his demands to see the artist.

It was a portrait of him at the age of approximately 40 years. The best years of a man. He looked dashing and spirited. The painting was officially his favorite painting now.

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