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   Chapter 216 Preparing A Gift

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"Well, it's getting late. Let's go to the rooftop to enjoy the view. After that, let's go to dinner. I know a great place..."

Terence stood up and stretched. Then he placed his arm around Carla's shoulder and led her out of the conference room.

Once out of the AJ Building, Terence called his driver and told him to take them to the restaurant. They returned home after dinner.

Tired and drowsy, Carla stretched herself out on the sofa. What should she get as a gift for Nicholas? She racked her brain the whole day just thinking about it because she was going to Nicholas's house with Terence tomorrow and that would be the formal visit.

She really wanted to show her sincerity. She stood up and began to pace around the room.

Terence came out of the bathroom while still drying his wet hair.

He stopped when he caught sight of Carla. She was still walking around the room looking for some inspiration.

"Carla, what are you looking for?" asked Terence, amused. "Terence, give me some advice. What should I get for grandpa tomorrow?" Carla asked.

Carla scratched her head. She had searched her mind for a good idea all day but she still couldn't find one.

Nicholas was already so rich that he could get whatever he wanted. But she couldn't possibly go with empty hands during her visit.

"Don't worry about it. I'll prepare the gift." Terence consoled her. Every time they visit relatives and friends, Nathan and Rainer would always prepare the gifts for them.

"No," refused Carla decisively. "This is a token of my affection. I'll do it myself." Carla could be stubborn at times. She threw herself on the sofa and concentrated on coming up with an appropriate gift. Suddenly, a good idea came to her. She jumped up and ran down the stairs.

Carla went into the living room and gazed at a painting on the wall. It was a framed portrait she drew for Terence. It could easily be mistaken as a masterpiece by some famous painter.

The gift may be simple but she thought that it was the most appropriate gift of all. It is the thought that counts.

Her eyes sparkled with delight. She rushed out of the living room at once and headed up stairs to the attic.

Carla dug out a painting canvas, some paint and some brushes. Without delay, she started drawing a portrait of Nicholas. Terence provided the photograph as reference.

She worked on the painting the whole night. The lights in the attic were dimly lit. Terence was sprawling at ease across the sofa with his arms draped over the back. He glanced at Carla who was buried in her work. He didn't want to disturb her so he found himself a book and started to read.

The clock struck midnight.

Terence fell asleep

ast Yard."

Carla nodded. "How about your mother?"

Terence was silent for a moment. He leaned back and stared absently outside the car window.

"She passed away," said Terence dryly.

His father had been cheating on his mother and cared little for her. She had spent her last days in tears and she simply faded away with grief and worries. She was just a young woman who should have enjoyed her life if it wasn't for his father.

Carla was silent for a while. Then she held his hand gently. "Sorry. I didn't know..."

"It's okay," said Terence softly. "I want you to know everything about me. Since we are already here, after visiting grandpa, let's visit my father too."

"Yes," agreed Carla. Suddenly, a problem occurred to Carla. Terence told his father that she was pregnant. She rubbed her flat belly and thought that their lie would be exposed at once.

She quickly grabbed a seat cushion and stuffed it under her coat.

Terence couldn't help but laugh at her clumsy attempt. "Carla, you are overdoing it. It looks like you are almost 5 months pregnant."

"It's all your fault!" complained Carla while pouting. "You placed yourself into this mess and I'm just covering up for you! Be grateful." Carla shot him a glance and continued fiddling with the cushion.

Terence finally took the cushion from her.

"Don't bother yourself. You are only 3 months pregnant so it wouldn't be that obvious. The more you try to hide it, the more easily you will be exposed."

Terence brushed the dust off her clothes and said with a gentle smile.

Carla scratched her head. She never had a chance to observe a pregnant woman so of course she wouldn't know that.

The car finally stopped at the gate of the North Yard.

They got off the car and walked towards Nicholas's place.

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