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   Chapter 215 A Business Trip

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The noise was piercing that it made Carla turn around immediately.

She quickly approached the door and peaked through the transparent window. She saw that Terence was standing up then and the chair beside him had been overturned, a clear proof of how mad he was at that moment.

There were several middle-aged men sitting on both sides of the table. One of them picked up the overturned chair in haste while the rest remained silent, listening intently to Terence.

It was hard for Carla to hear from outside the room what Terence was saying. But she could still sense that he was pissed off.

Her attention was suddenly disrupted when she saw Rainer approaching the conference room with some tea on a cart.

An idea quickly came into her mind. She walked towards the door of the room and then opened it for Rainer.

"Thank you... Miss Carla?" Rainer looked up and was surprised to find Carla right there.

Carla blinked her eyes at him and subtly gestured him not to expose her identity. Rainer glanced at Terence and immediately knew what was going on. He walked into the meeting room like everything was fine.

Carla followed Rainer inside and helped him serve the tea to everyone in the room.

"Terence, I should be blamed for what happened. It's all my fault. I'll personally go and ask them to revise the project tomorrow. Compared to the loss we're going to have, it's more important for us to maintain the reliability of our brand right now,"

a middle-aged man sitting on the right side said.

"But the loss is not that small. It's a 700 million dollars investment. Do you think you have the right to make revisions at your will?"

a bald man on the left side disagreed.

"Stop it, both of you. In my opinion, it's better to send a team to investigate the situation first. If there is something that needs to be revised, then that would be the time for us to do it. If the requirement of the products can be fulfilled by over 60%, we probably can leave it as it is. This way, we can save half of the loss,"

a man in a white shirt suggested.

With his right hand on his chin, Terence remained silent for a while. He was in deep contemplation as he sat in the middle of all the suggestions and arguments. Eyebrows furrowed, he looked at the report in his hand one more time and then slammed it down on the table.

"I'll personally pay a visit to NF. As for revising it or not, we'll decide on it when I get back," Terence said as his sharp eyes scanned the managers. All of a sudden, he not

d. How about this? I promise you that I will come back safe and sound. If you don't believe me, I can write it down and sign it." Sensing her discontent, Terence tried to appease her.

Carla was still not happy with what he just said so she got off from his lap and sat down on the chair beside him. "Forget it. How can something like that be assured by a piece of paper?

If you don't want me to go with you, then I won't go!" Carla could understand his concern. However, the problem was that she was worried about him and she wanted to offer some help.

Terence pulled her chair closer and held her hands as he asked, "Are you angry with me? Carla, think about it. if you go with me, then who would take care of Sean?"

Being reminded of Sean, Carla hesitated for the first time. That was right. Her little brother was still a child and she was his only family.

"Although he's already familiar with the servants in the villa, it wouldn't be the same to him if you're not there," Terence explained with a tender voice. His eyes were filled with love towards Carla as he added, "Besides, I'm not going to leave right now. I'll leave after a week at least."

Upon hearing that he wasn't going to leave right away, Carla cheered up a little bit. Her eyes glimmered as she reached out her little finger and said, "Pinkie swear to me that you'll come back as soon as you can. And that you would be safe!"

Terence couldn't help but laugh out loud as he held out his little finger.

He stopped laughing to say, "So do you. Promise me that you're going to stay in JA City and be safe while waiting for me."

Then, Terence kissed her on the lips to finish the pinkie swear.

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