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   Chapter 214 Seeing A Different Side Of Terence

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9833

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"Okay, you can go ahead. Take care,"

Noah said after a moment of hesitation.

After he watched Carla leave, his smile faded and his eyes turned sorrowful.

Meanwhile, Carla was stunned by the magnificent AJ building. She had passed by it before but she had never seen its interiors. It was her first time to come into the building.

"Hello, where are you?" Carla asked as soon as Terence answered her call. She had just entered the building.

"I'm in the company. I'll be home soon. Do you miss me?" Terence's familiar voice came through the phone, sounding soft and gentle.

Carla walked to the door and looked at the spotless glass. She smiled and asked, "I'm wondering whether you're already finished with your work yet? Also, can you drive me home?"

Then, she pushed the door open and strode in.

"Where are you?" Terence asked, realizing that she was not at home.

Carla took out a card from her purse and handed it to the guard before he could ask.

Seeing the card, the guard bowed politely and let her in.

"I'll soon arrive at your company. Don't mind me, just do whatever you need to do. I'll come and find you when I get there," Carla responded mischievously.

"Sorry, Miss, do you have an appointment?" the woman at the front desk instantly asked.

Carla put her finger on her own mouth, gesturing for the woman to be quiet. Then, she showed her the card that Terence gave her.

"Where are you exactly?" Terence curiously asked. He recognized the voice of the woman at the front desk from the phone. But Carla just said that she was just about to go to his company's building.

"I'm not in your building. I am hanging out with my friends!" Carla continued her lame lie.

The woman at the front desk politely handed back the card while she eyed Carla from head to toe.

Carla took the card, gave her one last smile and walked inside.

"Okay, I know," Terence replied. Terence didn't want to expose her lie but he pressed a button so that he could see what happened at the front desk through the security camera. As long as he wanted, he could see any corner inside the building.

When he saw Carla walking through the hall on the screen, he was intrigued and amused. His thin lips lifted up unconsciously.

Holding the card, Carla asked the staff where Terence's office was and went onto the elevator. Terence's office was on the top floor of the building. Carla smiled as she patiently waited for the elevator to arrive at the right floor. She could just imagine Terence's surprise once she walked in his office, a few moments from then. The elevator chimed in, announcing its arrival. Carla giggled a little as she waited for the doors to open.


Carla shouted because she was caught off guard.

The doors revealed a Terence standing and waiting for her expectantly. To say that it gave Carla a shock was an understatement.

He stepped forward, grabbed her hand and took her out


But now, he was sitting on a chair, with a stern look on his face as he bit his lips. He rubbed his index finger on his straight handsome nose as he slightly squinted his deep eyes.

The dark blue shirt made him look more rigid. When he raised his hand, the button on his cuff reflected the light.

Carla had never felt coldness from Terence because he was always smiling at her, concealing this side of himself.

The man sitting in the conference room right then was a different Terence to her. He was like a stranger.

Carla couldn't hear their conversation, so she observed their gestures and expressions. From time to time, she noticed that they would frown while they continued to discuss.

They might have encountered something really tricky.

Carla looked around the outside of the room and saw a map of branches hanging on the wall.

Seeing that the AJ Group had branches all over the world, Carla was stunned.

The AJ Group was indeed a giant corporation!

It had industries and branches all over the world. Especially in countries where tourism prospered. It had hotels and fancy restaurants in those countries.

After reading an article about the industries and the current development of the AJ Group, Carla was in awe.

No wonder

people say that the tree of the An family was intricate. The different branches of the An family controlled different industries.

No wonder

Terence would feel a lot of pressure in the future. A lot of people would be depending on him

because he would inherit all of these industries.

Even if Marcus and Rhys acquired a part of it, Terence would still be the head of everything.

How could people not envy him?

When she first met him, she never thought that he enjoyed such a high position.

Meanwhile, the meeting still went on, so Carla decided to go back and wait at Terence's office. The moment she turned around, a huge commotion was heard from the conference room.

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