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   Chapter 212 Have You Ever Wondered Who Your Are

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11032

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As soon as they returned from their beach trip, Terence grabbed breakfast together with Carla and then he headed back to the company immediately.

That was on a Sunday. So, Carla just decided to stay at home and hang out with Sean. And even though she wasn't any good at playing basketball, she still wanted to play with him anyway.

Basketball was the only pastime Sean was truly interested in. With Carla being his sister, she thought that she should at least give his favorite sport a chance, otherwise, they could end up having nothing to talk about in the future.

Initially, she could barely even hold the basketball well, causing her to be laughed at by Sean.

Sean used to look up to her, but now that Terence was around, it seemed as though he had taken her place in Sean's life.

"Hello? Noah..."

Her mobile phone suddenly rang, so Carla flung the basketball toward the court and picked up the phone, a little bit out of breath.

Noticing that she was panting, Noah's eyebrows furrowed in an instant. "Carla, is now... a good time for you to be taking a call? Because if not, I can just call you later. That's totally fine."

It looked as though Noah got the wrong idea about what she was doing. He actually thought she was in the middle of having...

Realizing that, Carla was cracking up so much, and she said, "Noah, what was it that you thought I was doing? I was out on the court playing some basketball with my brother!"

"Oh, so that's what was happening." A grin crept up on Noah's face, feeling quite embarrassed as he had utterly misread the situation and took her gasping for air as being due to something else. "Carla, are you busy right now? Would you be able to come and see me? I'm actually in JA City at this moment."

Carla looked at the watch and checked what time it was. It was barely just ten in the morning.

"Okay, sure. Where would you like to meet?" Right after deciding on the time and the place, she headed straight toward the villa to get dressed and get ready.

Upon her arrival at their designated meeting place, she saw that Noah was already waiting for her and had already taken a seat at one of the tables.

"Sorry for being late. Did you wait too long?" Carla glanced at her watch. Due to the fact that she had been sweating all morning after playing basketball with Sean, she needed to take a shower and put on a fresh change of clothes. To add to that, she also got caught in traffic.

"It's totally fine. No need to worry about it," Noah reassured her, letting out a gentle smile as he watched her looking a bit uneasy.

Carla could tell he was just being nice. Taking a seat across him, she took a sip of the water and asked, seeming to be so worried, "How are you? How are things going? Are you already feeling any better?"

"Certainly. I've been doing fine. I've already gotten discharged from the hospital, haven't I?" Noah replied, with a smile still glued to his face. But she noticed in an instant there was a shadow underneath his dark eyes. Wasting no time at all, his tone abruptly turned serious and he asked, "Carla, There's actually something that I've been meaning to ask you. Forgive me, but I'm gonna have to cut to the chase. To tell you the truth, I've been implored to ask about it."

Seeing him suddenly g

oing this. Focus your attention on the ball, and give it another try," Noah patiently instructed her.

Carla forced out a cough to clear her throat and adjusted her form, bearing Noah's instructions. Then, making sure her eyes were fixated on the ball, she took a deep breath and swung on it again.

On her second attempt, she was able to hit it right away. The moment the club came into contact with the ball, it produced an audible loud sound. Carla screamed out feeling so exhilarated.

Barely a few seconds later, they heard a howling sound coming from the direction where the ball just flew.

"Shit! Who did that?!"

Johnny yelled as he rubbed the part of his head where he got hit by the ball. Looking into the direction where the ball came from, he saw Carla standing there, who was now holding a golf club.

Carla couldn't hold back her laughter, but she immediately walked over to where he was. It looked like she was somewhat getting the hang of it already. Just on her second attempt, she had already hit something.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Johnny. I had no idea it would hit you. It wasn't on purpose. I guess that maybe the ball got a little bit jealous of your handsome figure,"

Carla apologized, albeit playfully, as she was walking closer to him. The caddie was already holding in his hand the ball that hit Johnny.

Johnny had his eyebrows deeply knit as he glared at her. His handsome face would be tense and serious all the time by default. "I have no time to argue with a woman. You can leave as soon as you retrieve your ball."

"Huh?!" Carla snickered. That was so typical of Johnny.

"So, Mr. Johnny would never argue with women no matter what, wouldn't he?"

teased Carla, playing with the ball, tossing it upwards and catching it. "If my ball accidentally hits you one more time, I truly hope you can forgive me as always."

Giving her a cold stare, Johnny didn't bother humoring her with a response, thinking it wouldn't be worth it. Besides, he knew full well that she wouldn't be able to hit him a second time. After all, her first time was nothing but a fluke.

Of course, she was just bluffing. There was no way she could pull that off again.

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