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   Chapter 211 Watch The Sunrise With You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8804

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Noah started to wonder if it was still worthy to pursue her.

She only cared about one man and unfortunately, that man wasn't him. Should he continue to invest his time and energy on her?

All the efforts that he had given since day one were to sweep Carla off her feet. One day, he was hoping that it would be enough to make her fall in love with him.

At that time, he could finally officially reveal her true identity to Allen.

If she became his woman, it wouldn't matter whatever Allen decided. And finally, he could win the game.

But the reality was that all of Carla's heart belonged to Terence.

And he didn't have that much time left to wait.

"Mr. Noah, what if Terence knows about Carla's true identity all this time? That's why he keeps her to himself,"

the man beside Todd said out of nowhere.

At that idea, Todd was suddenly alarmed and he went on to tap on his thigh in contemplation. He then stated, "If that's the case, things will become even more difficult. This girl is a nobody right now, but with the An family backing her up, things can be really tricky.

If Mr. Allen decides to give all of his money and properties to this girl Carla, it will be easy for us to get it from her by pulling some strings. But if the An family is involved, it's going to be more complicated. The worst case scenario would be that everything that is owned by the Hua family goes to them."

While analyzing the current situation, Todd became more and more anxious.

The clock was ticking. Allen's health condition was deteriorating day by day. The doctor said that he might not make it in three months.

"No, that's impossible!"

Noah clenched his fists, eyes piercing into the dark of the night to a far away distance.

How could he give up the company that he had put his heart and soul his entire life?

They had to kill him first for that to happen.


at Seaview Villa, Carla didn't want to go to sleep and kept on insisting to go to the beach to watch the night view.

Terence felt that her idea was terrible. It was dark at the beach and not even a star was hanging in the sky that night. There was literally nothing to enjoy.

"I don't care. I just want to go!" Carla demanded. She knew that she wouldn't be able to go to sleep until they went to the beach.

"Okay fine, let's go," Terence defeatedly said. Feeling helpless, Terence had no choice but to agree. He asked Nathan to prepare the tent and everything that they would need.

Terence thought that the wind was strong at the beach. So if she got tired, she would have a place to rest.

Nathan accompanied Carla an

have I missed? What a waste!' she thought.

Terence blinked numerous times as the sunlight became stronger. He watched Carla dance happily on the beach with a smile so bright that could rival with the sun itself. Walking towards her, he said, "Better late than never, right? As long as you want to, I can be here to watch the sunrise with you every single day!" He gazed at her lovingly and giggled quietly. He knew that she was not the type to get up so early in the morning.

Carla turned around and looked at him.

Her long hair was a little messy from sleeping. But she appeared more beautiful with the soft sunlight casting on her face.

With the glow, she smiled, unconsciously casting a charming spell on Terence's mind. She looked like a goddess who fell down from heaven to grace the earth with her presence. And at that moment, it was only for Terence.

Yes, Carla was indeed a gift from God to him.

Then, he suddenly remembered something and turned to give Nathan a signal. Nathan immediately handed him the phone.

Terence turned the camera towards her. Sensing what Terence was doing, Carla smiled sweetly at him.

When he was satisfied with the number of pictures he had taken, Terence picked one that he liked the most and set it as his phone's wallpaper. He looked at her beautiful profile, smiled in satisfaction and walked towards her.

"Carla, let's go. We should go home," he told her.

The sun was already up by then. In a few moments, it wouldn't be healthy for their skin.

"Okay!" she agreed, still in bliss from the view. Terence grabbed Carla's hand as she continued to play with the sand and waves one last time.

She took a final look at the sea and went home with him, a part of her unwilling to leave.

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