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   Chapter 210 Little Tadpole Looking For Mommy

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6993

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"Ehem.. Ehem..."

Theo coughed to get their attention. He stood there for a long time but they acted as if he was invisible.

Carla and Terence finally noticed him and a few minutes later, Nathan and Rainer arrived with Sean by their side.

"Okay, let's us all go to dinner. You can order whatever you want to eat,"

Terence said to Theo while holding Carla in his arms. It was apparent that he was in a good mood tonight.

Theo snapped his fingers and said, "Okay! Carla, you should also drink some wine tonight. Every once in a while, you can actually witness Terence get drunk."

Terence looked at Theo happily. They had been friends for a long time and they went through a lot of drunken nights in the past.

Theo might look easy going but he could be really reliable when he was serious.

Among all of Terence's friends, Theo was the most special. He would act like a playboy most of the time but the truth was that he was a serious person without being careless when it came to things that really mattered.

They all decided to finally head to dinner.

Carla asked Rainer to take Sean home as soon as they finished eating. He was still a child and they needed to be considerate as to not expose him to the harmful side of an adult's night life.

Moreover, although it was not her style, Carla was planning on getting really drunk.

She would be so embarrassed if her brother would see her drunk.

Theo's girlfriend was a heavy drinker and Carla tried very hard to keep up with her.

"Carla, stop drinking. You are already drunk," Terence said to Carla. Drinking some wine was okay once in a while but she already drank too much.

Carla shook her head then smiled at Terence. Her vision was already becoming blurry.

"I got it. I will not drink anymore. I promise."

She chugged the rest of her wine then added, "Guys, I need to go to the bathroom. I'll be back soon..." She stood up and stumbled over to the bathroom.

Someone grabbed her hand

when she reached the doorway of the bathroom.

She looked back and saw that it was Terence.

He decided

lved by now."

"Todd, we still have chance. Accidents happen in this world everyday. As long as we..."

They were both thinking that no one could stop an accident, even Terence.

The man sitting at the back suddenly uttered, "Enough! I know what I am doing!"

Todd looked back at his master and said, "But sir, something very bad was going to happen to the Hua Family. Are you sure that we could handle that?"

Noah was almost healed after resting for a long while and he also knew that the Hua Family was in a critical situation.

"Mr. Noah, Mr. Allen has been looking for his missing daughter all these years behind your back. Isn't it obvious?

There was always a special bond between people with the same blood. You contributed a lot to the family over the years. However, you are not related to them by blood.

What's more, Mr. Allen did not change the will and it was making the whole Hua Family anxious."

Mr. Allen must be aware of his imminent mortality and it was the reason why he started looking for his lost daughter. He wanted her to succeed the family.

As the adopted son of the Hua Family, the situation made him really anxious.

Noah could see that Carla was happy with Terence.

He crushed the unlighted cigar in his hand and threw it outside the window.

He could only imagine what would happen

when Terence finally introduce Carla to his family.

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