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   Chapter 209 Marry Me In A Year

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"What a wonderful metaphor! What Mr. Theo said is exactly on point,"

Carla exclaimed with a smile, irony flooding in her voice.

As she walked towards them, she added, "A teapot always comes with a couple of cups, but it only has one lid. The cups are for drinking but they're not really part of the teapot. As for the lid, it's inseparable from the teapot.

Without the cups, one can also drink straight from the teapot. However, without the lid, the teapot is not complete at all."

Theo didn't expect that Carla would happen to hear what he had just said. After hearing Carla's argument, he was rendered speechless. His face became pale due to the embarrassment.

Seeing the commotion, Terence took Carla's hand and started to teach her how to fire a gun. He then kissed her by the cheek and said with a tender smile, "Carla is right! A couple belongs to each other like how a teapot belongs with the lid.

As for those cups, they could be like a married couple's kids. It's not bad to have some kids. Am I right, Carla?"

As her face flushed red, Carla elbowed Terence on his arm and warned him to focus on teaching her how to fire.

Terence was born to be dedicated and focused. But when it came to teaching Carla, it turned out to be a challenge for him.

"Carla, how about I teach you?" Sean suggested with a big smile after taking off his earmuffs.

Nonetheless, as soon as Sean finished asking, Terence turned him down at once. "Save it," Terence firmly stated. Then, he positioned himself between Sean and Carla and softly said, "Carla, you should pose like this at first."

After hanging around for a while, they stepped out of the club.

It was not extremely hot any more which was suitable to play sports outside.

So Theo brought Ashley up the mountain for bungee jumping. It was way too scary for Carla.

She hadn't experienced bungee jumping at all and didn't have any plans of trying it out. Therefore, she chose to stay at the foot of the mountain to wait with Sean, Rainer, and Nathan.

The problem was...

Terence felt bored with jumping by himself. Since he had received a lot of harsh training years ago, bungee jumping was just a piece of cake for him. After seeing Theo and Ashley jumped down together, an idea came to Terence all of a sudden.

At that moment, Carla was watching Theo and Ashley who had just jumped off the platform. She couldn't help but feel petrified so she tightened her arms around Sean.

Sean was a little scared as well. After all, he was still a kid.

Bungee jumping was too much for him just like with most adults.

While Carla and Sean focused all of their attention to the bungee jumpers, a man approached them in haste.

It was Terence.

"Carla, come here. I need to talk to you," he said without showing much emotion in his voice.

"What's the m

hat Carla was already pregnant. Therefore, his father had almost given up on interfering with his love life.

Instead of choosing a fiancee for his son, Terence's father asked him to get married and have babies as soon as possible.

Terence told Carla about all of that since he wanted her to believe that he was determined to marry her from the very beginning.

And now, he was moving forward towards that goal step by step.

Carla felt a lot of emotions at that moment. It felt strange to be proposed to when both of you were a hundred feet from the ground. She looked around and felt a little bashful.

Face flushed, Carla could sense her happiness at the moment. It was the first proposal that she had received.

"Carla? I just want you to know that you are the woman that I want to get married to. There's no one else," Terence added with a tender smile as he looked into her eyes.

Upon hearing his words, Carla recovered from her daze. Just in time, since they were about to land at that time.

"Mr. Terence, that's so casual for you to do that. Did you just propose to me while we're gliding?" Carla immediately asked.

When they landed on the ground, Carla gave a huge sigh of relief. Her heart was still racing. It was hard to tell whether it was due to the terrifying experience of gliding or Terence's words.

Terence helped her take off the safety device first and then he whispered by her ear, "Carla, trust me. I'll give you a decent proposal. And whatever you ask then, I'll promise to give it to you."

Carla took off the device completely and looked into his eyes, "Alright. You said it yourself. No matter what I ask, you'll promise to give it to me."

"Yes, just as I said," Terence assured her with sincerity.

There would only be one proposal for her in this lifetime so he would make sure that it would be a special and precious memory for her.

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