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   Chapter 208 Confrontation

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10124

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"Terence, what did you just say? You want me to meet Erica?" Carla asked just to make sure that what she heard from him was right.

Terence walked towards her and placed his hands around her waist. Then he whispered to her, "Yes. I want you to meet Erica. Since you got so angry with what happened last night, I think it is necessary for me to reassure you that the real relationship between Erica and I right now is purely about business.

Anyway, let's go and have some lunch. After that, I'll take you to a great place where I'm sure you will have a good time,"

said Terence while leading her into the dining hall.

Just as the old proverb said, 'Seeing is believing.' Terence was afraid that Carla would get the wrong idea if he didn't show her that he had no feelings for Erica anymore.

That day, Terence took Carla to a club. When they got there, she realized that it was exactly where she met Erica last time.

The club was very big and apparently, what she saw the last time she was there was only the the tip of the iceberg.

Sean had been there before so he was already familiar with the place. When he got out of the car, he immediately rushed to go inside.

Theo was a real party boy and by the time Terence and Carla arrived at the club, he was already there with his new girlfriend, Ashley. They were happily sharing a cup of dessert while waiting for Terence.

They didn't stand up until they saw that Carla and Terence were walking towards them.

"Took you long enough. We've been waiting here for you all day!"

Theo complained to Terence and Carla and then said, "Why didn't you get an early start? Our schedule is pretty full today. After our activity here, I'll go bungee jumping with Ashley. We also have a lot of plans for tonight. Let's have dinner, drink wine and sing in a KTV! How about you promise to accompany me until the end of the day, Terence?"

"Okay. That sounds exciting. Let's have fun all day!"

Terence replied while looking happily at Carla.

Carla finally came back from BH City so he was not alone anymore. He was in an extremely good mood.

The four of them headed towards the shooting range with Sean.

Just then, a woman descended from the stairs and was now walking towards the five of them.

Carla recognized that the woman was Erica. She still couldn't believe that the call girl that she met in the Entertainment Club had that kind of relationship with Terence, her boyfriend.

However, Erica didn't look like the call girl from the Entertainment Club at the moment. In fact, she looked like a weather-beaten girl who just wanted someone to love.

She was like a plum blossoming in December. Even if it was freezing, she still managed to look beautiful. There was an occasional sad light twinkling in her eyes and it made her look more soft and stunning.

Theo froze for a short while when he saw that a beautiful woman was walking towards them. Then when he was about to say hi to her, she moved towards Terence. He sighed and thought. 'Why do a

cerity in her eyes.

Just outside the window, Theo walked towards Terence with a gun in his hand. "Terence, do you know what they are talking about? Are you dating both of them? Are they confronting each other face to face?"

After loading a shot, Terence took off his earplugs and goggles to glare at Theo.

"Just mind your own business," replied Terence.

Compared to Terence, Theo had more girlfriends than he could count.

"I have my own principles and that is to fall in love with only one woman at a time. This way, I don't have to deal with any trouble concerning my girlfriends," Theo said confidently.

His girlfriend at the moment was Ashley and she was shooting on the other side of the room so she couldn't hear what they were talking about.

"Really? Then please tell me what happened with Ivy last time you saw her?" asked Terence while pushing Theo away. He glanced behind Theo to see Carla who was walking towards them with a smile on her face.

Theo coughed to hide his embarrassment. He wondered, 'When and how did he know that I slept with Ivy recently?'

Just a few days ago, Ivy came looking for Theo and she told him tearfully that she wanted to get back together with him. He felt terrible whenever women cried in front of him so he comforted her and tried to cheer her up but it ended with him having sex with her.

"That was an accident. There are so many beautiful women waiting for me and I just want to keep my options open. As for you, I think you should also keep your options open. I admit that Carla is pretty amazing but don't forget that no matter how perfect she is, she is just a woman and she can be easily replaced,"

suggested Theo. He didn't notice that Carla was just a few steps away from them.

Instead of stopping, Theo added, "A man is just like a teapot, and he can have countless of teacups. If you always pour water into the same cup, what's the fun in that?"

Theo turned around when he was finished speaking and saw that Carla was behind him.

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