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   Chapter 207 Call Me Honey

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Terence, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, whispered, "Carla, haven't I made it clear already? Why do you still insist on leaving?"

"You're the one who said it yourself. You said that you needed to get some rest. So, I'm just gonna go back to my room as well. Or are you planning to throw me out of the villa?"

teased Carla. This had not been a good day for her whatsoever, and the same went for Terence.

But it appeared as though she had underestimated him a bit. If he wasn't feeling good, then the two of them were in the same boat.

Turning her around, Terence pushed her into the door. Holding her chin on one hand, he pressed his lips intensely upon hers without a warning, as if to give her some kind of punishment.


"Call me dear husband! I won't be accepting anything less!" Terence demanded, leaning back for just a brief second. Wasting no time at all, he continued biting her lip. Of course, he had no intention of hurting her, but certainly couldn't let her have the pleasure at the same time.

"No... Why would I do that?!" Carla blurted out in refusal, barely able to get away from his passionate kiss. "We're not married yet."

Terence loosened his grip. However, he grabbed her chin and lifted it up a little and asked, "Which law is it that states you shouldn't call me your husband before we get married?"

Carla took that window of opportunity to take a deep breath as she glared at him through her moistened eyes. "Look, could you please just let me get some rest? It's getting way too late. I still have to go job hunting tomorrow, so I need to get some much-needed sleep right now."

There was just no way she could simply stay home all day and do nothing. She desperately needed to be in the company of others.

Upon hearing that she was still intent on going to sleep, Terence heaved a heavy sigh and questioned her, "Carla, was the kiss still much too gentle for you?"

Then, he positioned her face closer to his again, and pressed his luscious lips onto hers, gradually heading south.

"Terence, what do you think you're doing?"

'We're going through this again?'

There was really nothing Carla could hope to do about Terence's sexual appetite. And he had actually gone a step further this time, not just on the lips, but even on...

Terence was bringing out all of his techniques just to somehow get her turned on, and didn't give her what she wanted.

He tried checking with her again, "So, how about now? Do you still plan to return to your room?"

Carla had to catch her breath, but she didn't bother trying to stop him anymore. Shooting him a quick cold stare, she turned off the lights and slithered onto his body and finally gave in to him.

Under that faint moonlit night, Terence's gaze had been completely fixated on Carla's gleaming eyes. Under his breath, he whispered, "Carla, I thought about something, if you were to have been in Erica's p

ble that Terence might be doing something this afternoon. I'll just have to take you somewhere else then," Carla replied. She hadn't seen Terence all morning. Who knew where he could have gone?

"Who was it that said I might be busy?"

When Carla was just about done talking, Terence walked in on the front door, his dark eyes filled with excitement. "Sean, I'll take you to the shooting club, and we'll also bring your sister along with us this time. It's possible she hasn't ever seen a real gun before in her life."

Then, shifting his gaze over to Carla, he explained ever so softly, "Carla, I'm sorry I had to leave so early. I just didn't want to bother you. Something was up in the company this morning. I'll just make it up to you in the afternoon."

Carla turned her head and then proceeded to grab Sean to wash his hands and get ready for lunch. But before walking away, she said, "I don't need it. Why don't you just spend time with your Erica instead?"

Sensing that jealousy was spilling all over the place, Terence approached her and wrapped his arms around her slender waist, whispering straight into her ear, "You never said anything about that last night. Just who was it that crept onto me like a koala bear last night, begging me for more?"

Carla became flushed red in an instant. That was then and this is now. Those were two completely unrelated things.

"Carla, Erica is also going to be there. Who knows? Maybe this is a chance for you two to get to know each other better," Terence added. He didn't want Carla to have any weird ideas about his relationship with Erica. He was the one who got himself into this mess, so he needed to find a way to smooth things out.

Taking one big gulp, Carla turned around to give him an intense glare.

'Please tell me he didn't just say that, ' thought Carla to herself. She was at such a loss for words that she actually wondered whether her ears had been playing tricks on her.

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