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   Chapter 206 A Reward For A Mistake Impossible!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11092

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"Promise me, Carla. Don't put your life at risk the way you just did. You really scared me, taking Sean with you and leaving like this. You know I can't bear to see you two get hurt," Terence sincerely told her. Terence didn't want to blame her. He was actually rejoicing inside for getting Carla back in one piece when the girl just drove a car out without having a license. But in all honestly, that was the least of his concerns. What was more important for him was she didn't really know how to drive properly. Terence didn't know what he could do if something happened particularly because Carla did it from misunderstanding his actions. He could really thank his lucky stars that Carla and Sean were both safe.

Carla's eyes glared at him. She cocked her head to one side and stated, "Don't try to avoid the topic. I wouldn't have left if you hadn't pissed me off."

Her temper quickly boiled as she listened to Terence.

However, if she were being honest, she also got scared of her recklessness.

"Yeah, I admit. It was my fault," Terence softly said. Terence didn't argue with her. He just apologized and carried Carla in his arms all the way upstairs.

Once he managed to get Carla into his room, Terence locked the door really tight, in case she wanted to run away again.

"I assume you're thirsty. Here, have some milk..." Terence told her as he handed her the glass of milk that he fetched. Carla had been on the plane for the whole night and flew into a series of anger afterward. So her belly must be rumbling in hunger.

Carla ignored his kindness. She just sat on the sofa, sulking, with her arms wrapped around her legs.

Terence sat beside her and sighed very softly. He started to explain, "It was really a long story. I never wanted you to know about her at first, since I didn't know about this at that time.

And I didn't think that I would meet her ever again.

I didn't know where she was until that time when I went to see you in HA City. I went to Entertainment Club first, and that was where I met her."

Hearing this, Carla suddenly turned to Terence. She thought, 'Entertainment Club? Was she the woman who worked there?'

"Don't be too surprised. You've seen her before. She was the girl in the photo, remember that? Her name is Erica Su. Everyone in the Entertainment Club calls her Erica," Terence continued to clarify.

Carla's eyes widened as words came out of Terence's mouth.

'Erica? !' The name rang in Carla's head.

"I assume you must know what she does for a living. So it must be obvious by now that nothing would ever happen between her and me. I went to see her because I found out that I had some responsibility regarding her present situation. Therefore, I asked my men to bring her here," Terence patiently narrated.

As he carefully watched Carla, he realized that she hadn't recovered from being in shock. So he stuffed the glass of milk into her hands and said, "Have some. It will help ease your mind. The rest of the things that I'm about to tell you will be more surprising."

Indeed, it was too much for Carla. She took a sip of the milk and instantly felt a slight sense of satisfaction. Terence was right about her hunger.

After seeing her reaction to the milk, Terence continued, "Back when I was serving in the army, my head got

tell me if your relationship with her was more than that. But actually, I don't care. You have made such a long and twisted story, only to show me that you're innocent. Don't bother..."

Hardly had she finished speaking when she heard him flick her forehead.

Terence then stated, "I'm serious, Carla. I'm picky about women. She came from a servant's family of my house. No matter how much I liked her, there wouldn't be a good ending between us."

Terence was clearly aware of that. It was the unwritten code of the Ans: no one should have a romantic relationship with the servants.

The reason why Terence's grandpa didn't forbid him from playing with Erica was that he knew Terence could restrain himself.

"That's moving. So you wouldn't like a servant, but you like me, a poor girl from a normal background?" Carla questioned him. Carla sighed really deeply. Then, she poured the rest of the milk into her mouth, placed the glass on the table, and stared at Terence.

"If the servant was not Erica but me, what would you have done then?" Carla challenged him.

Terence's eyebrows trembled slightly. He should have expected odd questions like this from Carla.

"I have told you everything that you should know, Carla. It's getting late," Terence stated as he glimpsed at the clock on the wall. Then he continued to say, "It's already two o' clock. Let's get some rest. We can continue talking tomorrow if you like."

He couldn't expect Carla to process all of what he just said in such a short time. It would take a while for her to digest everything.

Carla didn't disagree with his suggestion. She stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Terence asked.

"Going back to my room to sleep," Carla plainly stated as she walked to the door and tried to open it. She found out that it was locked. She tried to unlock it so that she could leave.

Terence had ruined her day. But after all that he had done, he still expected her to act as if nothing happened and sleep with him. A reward for a mistake? It was impossible!

Totally impossible.

However, as she was about to open the door once again, the man behind her rushed over to where she stood in a flash.

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