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   Chapter 205 A First Love That Came From Nowhere

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Carla panicked when she saw that her way was blocked by the car. She couldn't think clearly so she forgot to step on the brake until there were only a few inches between her car and the car before her. However, they still crashed.

Fortunately, she was driving very slowly, therefore the impact of the crash was not strong enough to cause any injuries. It was just a slight rear-end collision.

When Carla was ready to get off, the driver of the Porsche that she just hit got out of the car.

It was Terence who had been following her from the villa. He approached her car and knocked on the window. "Carla, get off the car!"

Carla started to become furious again at the sight of him. Then, she started the car engine and reversed. Since his cars were all in good quality, a few damages wouldn't cause big problems.

She reversed until there was enough space for her to bypass Terence's Porsche.

However, she stopped the car immediately

because Terence stood in front of the way.

Carla had no choice but to open the door and get off. "Terence, what are you doing?" she snapped.

Once Terence saw her get off, he strode to her as he addressed Sean, "Sean, keep your eyes closed until I say that you can open them!"

While Carla was still confused at his strange command, Terence hugged her tightly. Then, he leaned over to kiss her.

But before he could touch her lips, Carla gave him a hard slap.

"Don't touch me! Terence, from now on, I won't allow you to lay a finger on me!"

Carla's slap made Terence dumbfounded. Nathan's and Rainer's mouth dropped to the floor as well.

They saw exactly how Terence was slapped.

"You two, just leave. Take Sean back home with you!"

Terence ordered. When he turned to them, they saw the mark that Carla's palm left on Terence's cheek. Even the night couldn't conceal the redness of his cheek.

They answered yes immediately and drove away, leaving only Terence's Porsche.

They couldn't help but feel pity for Terence. He would definitely be having a hard time tonight.

"Who are you expecting to touch you except me?" Terence grabbed her arms and asked. A frown started to for

ng that you want to know. You can decide for yourself after you hear me out. Okay?"

After he finished speaking, Terence got on the car and drove back to the Seaview Villa.

On their way back, something occurred to Terence.

"Carla, when did you get your driver's license?" he asked, concerned.

Carla, who was staring outside the window, was suddenly pulled back to reality. She scratched her hair and stammered, "Well— I— I don't have a license."

She almost forgot about that very important fact.

The atmosphere froze immediately.

Terence looked at her in shock. He had seen her drove poorly, and he thought that she might haven't driven for a long time after she got her license. However, he didn't expect that she had no license!

Driving was among the several things that Carla didn't know well enough. She almost forgot that she didn't have a license before Terence asked her.

Even so, she had driven several times when she worked in an entertainment park. She had tried driving the tour vehicle, and she thought that driving was pretty simple. However, she had never thought of getting a driver's license because she didn't have a car for one.

But Carla was confident enough to drive any kind of car.

So she didn't think that it was a big deal to drive without a license.

Upon returning to the Seaview Villa, Terence told all the staff that Carla was not allowed to touch any vehicle in the future.

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