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   Chapter 204 She Ran Away Again

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8816

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Rainer was mentally prepared for Carla's anger. However, to his surprise, she just turned around and left.

"Miss, here is your purse—" the waiter politely addressed Carla as he handed her her purse. But Carla grabbed her purse quickly as she hurried to the door. She didn't even wait for the waiter to finish his greeting.

Fortunately, the waiter recognized Rainer and instantly knew that they were with Terence. So he didn't say much.

Carla headed straight for the car without looking back.

Rainer followed her immediately and sat in the driver's seat.

"Take me to the Seaview Villa," Carla plainly stated with a deadpan expression.

Her tone was as cold as ice that it worried Rainer since he hadn't heard her used that tone until now.

"Yes, Miss Carla!" Rainer obediently stated. In reality, rage was actually burning inside of Carla. She just wasn't the type to lash out. Thankfully, Rainer didn't dare to say anything anymore. He just started the car and drove to the villa as quietly as possible.

He thought that Carla would wait for Mr. Terence's explanation, but she didn't.

The moment they arrived at the Villa, she waked up Sean and grabbed her unpacked suitcase. As was expected, Sean was half asleep and didn't know what was going on. He just did as told and walked out of the Villa with Carla.

"Miss Carla, what are you doing?" Rainer said in panic. Rainer couldn't imagine what would happen if he didn't try and stop her from leaving.

"Rainer, stay away from this! I am not in a good mood! And I really don't want to take it out on you! Don't get involved in this!" Carla stated with all the patience she could muster. She kept walking towards the door with Sean.

In an attempt to stop them, Rainer quickly ran and placed himself in front of the door. "Miss Carla, can you at least give Mr. Terence a chance to explain himself?" Rainer pleaded. At that point, he was really trying all that he could do, even though he wasn't sure if it would work.

Carla stopped. She looked at Rainer and sneered, "I don't think there's a need for him to explain himself to me. I already saw it with my own eyes. What else is there for him to explain?"

'If they were just friends, why do they need to talk in a place like that especially in the middle of the night?' Carla laid out her suspicious in her mind.

As she remembered the events that just happened, Carla paused for a moment and tried to hold on to her anger. But she couldn't hold it anymore. All she wanted was to leave but Rainer wouldn't let her. Finally, she yelled, "I left my job for him this morning! I couldn't wait for a second to se

forced me to take her where you were. I didn't want to, but she threatened me! I... I had no choice but to take her to the club where you met Erica."

Rainer wiped more sweat on his forehead again, and continued, "She wasn't happy to see you with Miss Erica, so she came back here, took Sean and drove away..."

Rainer finally finished the story and Terence finally caught up with everything. Terence asked in shock, "Is Carla the one driving the car that I saw earlier?" Rainer nodded. "Are you sure it was her?" Terence asked again.

Rainer nodded again.

Terence glared at Rainer then threw the water bottle to him. Without saying anything else, Terence walked out of the room.

At the foot of the mountain...

Carla stopped the car. She didn't know where to go. She could barely remember the directions in broad daylight. What was more now that it was in the middle of the night? There wasn't much for her to see. She was lost. She was sitting in the car and trying to find the way.

"Carla... What's going on? I'm about to throw up..." Sean said. He was half-asleep when she dragged him into the car. Now he was fully awakened by her horrible driving skills.

Suddenly, she realized she could use the Map on her phone. She put the destination in and started the engine.

"Sean, it's a long story. It will take a while for me to explain to you. To make the long story short, tomorrow is Saturday. I'm taking you out on a trip!" Carla excitedly told him.

She gently stepped on the gas and turned to the left.

This time, she drove very slowly.

The only thing on her mind was to step on the right pedal.

As she was focused on driving, a Porsche suddenly passed her and stopped in front of their car, forcing her to stop as well.

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