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   Chapter 203 Terence's Secret Date

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8429

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Carla had all of her stuff packed up as soon as she was back at the hotel. The next morning, she and Rainer booked a flight out of HA City.

Rainer accompanied her all the way to BH City.

After sending her home safely, he left for JA City.

Terence wanted Rainer to stay with Carla but she declined.

She didn't want anyone to watch her all day long, especially a man. It would only bring her too much trouble.

Half a month passed.

The company had gone through the busiest period and soon, it was time for Carla to resign. When the day came for her to submit her resignation letter to the manager, she was ready.

The manager didn't want her to leave but after she explained that her brother was left alone in JA City, he finally agreed to accept her resignation.

She found it strange that Terence actually waited this long for her without doing anything unnecessary to make her come back earlier.

However, Carla knew that he wanted her to return as soon as possible. He didn't even allow her to talk to Sean through the phone!

He made it clear that if she missed her brother, she needed to go to JA City to see him.

She had no choice but to agree because Sean was her weakness.

After finishing her resignation procedure, Carla booked a flight to JA City. She bid farewell to Karen and had everything arranged at home before leaving the city.

That same night, Carla flew to JA City as soon as everything was settled.

When she arrived in JA City, it was already past 11 P.M. She didn't tell Terence that she was arriving because she wanted to give him a surprise.

She missed him so much and she couldn't control it anymore. She needed to see him as soon as possible.

That was just how love worked. Once you fell in love with someone, your heart didn't just belong to to you anymore. At first she wanted to stay away from Terence because she wanted to protect her heart, but she found herself failing miserably. She fell for him pretty hard.

If she couldn't help but fall for him, then she'd rather love him wholeheartedly despite everything. She would rather not think on how their love would end someday. She was just hoping that she wouldn't regret it in the future.

It was not long before she finally arrived at the Seaview Villa.

"Miss Carla?" Rainer exclaimed. He was so surprised that he stammered. Carla left her luggage in the entryway and proceeded to the lift.

"Miss Carla, please wait!"

Rainer chased after her and asked, "Miss Carla, why did you return all of

la's anger was boiling in her heart. She took an exhausting late-night flight from BH City

in order to surprise Terence.

However, it turned out that he was the one who gave her a 'surprise'.

It was already past midnight but he was still in a night club meeting with some other woman.

She wouldn't believe it until she saw them for herself.

Rainer knew Carla's personality. If he didn't show her where they were, she would turn this club upside down. He decided to lead her to the top floor.

It was an open panorama terrace, and only one table was occupied.

From a distance, Carla could see that there was a couple that was talking intimately on a sofa under a red umbrella.

The girl sat with her back to Carla and across from her, she recognized Terence immediately.

He was sitting elegantly with a glass of half-finished red wine beside him. His charming eyes were staring at the girl in front of him, and he was listening to her intently.

The girl's voice sounded familiar but she didn't care about anything other than Terence. She stared at him angrily.

It seemed like the girl was saying something that made her sad, because she suddenly started crying. Terence took out his handkerchief and wiped away her tears. He was comforting her softly.

It was like they were in their own world and that they forgot everything around them. Carla had been standing there for so long but they didn't even notice her.

At that moment, she became extremely angry.

How could they do this to her behind her back? She trusted Terence with all her heart, and this was how he was going to repay her?

She was going to make sure that he would regret this.

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