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   Chapter 202 I'll Cut Your Face

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10483

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Without any hesitation, Bonnie pushed Carla fiercely.

"Carla Ji, don't you have any shame? How can you still come here?!" Bonnie yelled at her.

Since Carla was unprepared, she was pushed a few steps back. She staggered for a while until she stabilized her feet to avoid knocking on the table.

She was still shocked by the fact that Noah said he liked her. So she wasn't able to dodge Bonnie's sudden attack.

"Are you crazy, Bonnie? Haven't you done enough?" Carla glared at Bonnie when she finally composed herself.

In a span of a week, Bonnie had gangsters kidnap her and humiliate her. And on top of that, she even found a way to mess up her work. It seemed like she wasn't going to stop her nonsense. Was she insane?

Carla couldn't stand her anymore.

Truth be told, Carla felt pity for her in the beginning because of Terence's cruel demeanor towards her. Later on, she started to realize that a woman like Bonnie didn't deserve her sympathy! She deserved Terence's cold shoulder!

"Am I crazy? Yes, I am. You drive me crazy, bitch! First, you took away my fiance, and now you're going to take my brother as well, when he's the only one who cares about me!"

Bonnie was filled with rage by then. Cursing Carla was not enough for her to release her hatred. She even wanted to...

All of a sudden, Bonnie saw a fruit knife on the table. Since the group of people that she sent all failed to hurt Carla, she had to do it by herself now!

Once Carla saw what Bonnie was looking at, she rushed towards the table, trying to take the knife before her.

Carla was certain that Bonnie was emotional and crazy enough to do anything so she hurried to prevent her from doing anything that she might regret later on.

"Aha! Come here! Take it from me!" Bonnie sneered as she waved the knife in front of her face. But Bonnie was closer to the table than Carla. She had already taken the knife before Carla could even come close to the table. She approached Carla slowly and threatened, "Bitch, tell me. If I cut your face, will Terence still love you? Will my brother still love you?"

Carla looked at the knife and retreated back. She raised her voice a little. "Bonnie, you're really driving yourself to the last ditch! Compared to the majority of people, you're very fortunate. You have a lot of things that people could only dream of. You always take your good fortune for granted. Why do you have to stoop this low?"

Given her family background and talents, Bonnie could live in happiness for her whole life even without Terence. But she never knew how to treasure life and love herself so she placed herself into a despised position.

"What did you just say? Why do I have to stoop this low? How ridiculous!" Bonnie snorted. "You can easily say that because you're not in my place! YOU ARE NOT ME! How can you understand my feelings?!"

As she yelled at Carla, Bonnie slowly took a few steps towards her, still holding the knife in her hand. She felt sick looking at her face. She would never let her leave HA City like that. It would be too good for her!

At that moment, Noah staggered out of his room an

compared to everything that he had done for her.

"All right. Noah, I have to go now. I need to pack my stuff tonight and catch an early flight tomorrow," Carla started to bid goodbye as she stood up from the chair.

Noah turned his attention from the watch to Carla. "Okay, have a nice trip. Give me a call when you reached home," Noah told her.

Carla smiled at him. Suddenly, she came closer towards him and did something unexpected.

She hugged Noah, and he froze in her arms. His hands reached out to hug her back instinctively. However, when he was about to touch her, he controlled himself. Then, he heard her say, "Noah, thanks for everything! In my heart, you're almost like my own brother. You saved my life, but I can't visit you so often. Don't blame me for that!"

Carla joked and patted his shoulder which was uninjured. She then sighed and told him, "Get well soon. Don't get injured again. I won't be here so that would be likely."

After she was finished, she let go of him.

"I know. Carla, don't blame yourself for this. I'm glad that I could save you," Noah comforted her one last time as he looked at her face full of self-blame.

Carla didn't say anything, but turned around and took her leave.

After she left, Noah grinned mysteriously. He took a look at the watch and sighed, 'How can she be so dense?'

The incident happened unexpectedly and he saved Carla just in time. That part of the story was true. But there was one thing that he lied about. He was actually not that injured.

In fact, the surgery was finished in a short time. But he asked the doctor to hold him at the operating room for as long as possible so that it looked like he was severely injured.

Since God had arranged a heroic drama, he thought that he would definitely make good use of it. After all, he wasn't doing anything to hurt anyone. He just wanted to impress her.

Now, it seemed like things were going well enough.

He had both patience and wisdom. He firmly believed in the saying 'Haste makes waste'. He would take his time until he got what he wanted.

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