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   Chapter 201 How Dare You Show Your Face In Here

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"Oh," Andrea exclaimed as she nodded her head. She understood now. Bonnie told her that Terence broke up with her because of Carla, so Terence must be dating her now.

This girl was more complex than she had imagined.

Andrea couldn't help but think that the An Family was one of the most prominent families of this country.

And Terence was the most promising one among his peers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Terence was the 'prince' of the An family.

But now, Noah, her favorite son, was also infatuated with Carla.

Everybody knew that compared to his brothers, Noah excelled in every way.

Andrea stared at Carla with curiosity. She couldn't wait to know who would own this beautiful and capable girl in the end.

While Carla was talking, Noah kept silent. He just leaned back against the headboard and watched her with a warm smile. Nobody noticed the sadness hidden in his eyes.

After sharing some small talks, Carla didn't stay long and she left immediately. She didn't want to be a hindrance for a mother and her son to spend time together.

Andrea watched her leave thoughtfully.

Then, she turned to her son with a smile. "Noah, tell me. You like the girl, don't you?"

Noah gestured the maid to stop serving him another bowl of soup. "No, thanks. I've already had a lot of congee." Then, he looked at Andrea and clarified, "Mother, Carla and I...well, it just won't work out. I'm not good enough for her."

Andrea noticed the meal box on the bedside table and asked, "She was the one who brought you the congee?"

"Uh-huh." Noah nodded.

Andrea's life experiences taught her how to see the essence beyond the appearance. She knew very well what kind of a person her son was. He wouldn't fall in love with a girl that easily.

Even if Noah had been deceived by the girl, what about Terence? No matter how manipulative the girl was, she couldn't have seduced two excellent men at the same time.

"Don't be silly. You deserve every respectable girl in the world. And as a man, you should fight for your true love, no matter how strong your rival is. Don't give up at the beginning or you'll certainly regret it," Andrea told her son. She was calm but there was conviction in her voice.

As someone who had been through a lot, Andrea persuaded her son to win the girl he really loved. After all, opportunities didn't wait for people.

Noah smiled without answering. After a few seconds, he changed the subject. "How is father these days, mother?"

Andrea shook her head. "Still the same," she sighed. "He won't listen to the doctor's advice. He says that since he's living on borrowed time, he would just do as he like...Forget it. Let's not talk about him," Andrea responded, dismis

ife! Why can't I get my revenge on her? Tell me! Why can't I? I will destroy her! Your words will only fuel my desire to do it!"

Unconvinced, Bonnie yelled at him in a huff. She couldn't understand. Carla was a nobody. Why did Noah care for her so much?

"You don't need a reason. I won't allow you to harm her," Noah stated in a low, husky voice.

"Noah!" Bonnie whined even more. "What's wrong with you?" Bonnie stared at Noah meticulously for the first time. Then, she continued, "Hah! I knew it! You're in love with her, aren't you?! You broke up with Julie because of her. Am I right?" Bonnie questioned in agitation.

Carla was quite taken aback by Bonnie's words. 'Noah and Julie? They... broke up? How could that happen?' Carla muttered to herself. She was so shocked her eyes went wide and she remained frozen by the door.

"Was it because of... me? No, that's impossible." Carla shook her head in disbelief.

She pressed her ear against the door and waited nervously for his answer.

After a pause, Noah answered with certainty, "Yes. I do like her. Are you satisfied?" Without waiting for Bonnie's reaction, he sighed impatiently. "Bonnie, can you leave me alone for now? I'm tired and I need to rest."

Hearing his words, Bonnie almost fell backward, reeling from shock. It never dawned on her that Noah might actually admit it.

Too shocked to say a word, she tottered to the door.

She opened the door with a trembling hand, only to find Carla standing in front of her.

Instantly, Bonnie exploded with the rage that had simmered for months. She had forgotten all the good education she had received.

For years, she had been highly praised for her merits and good etiquette. But now, she couldn't see the point in them. She was nothing, compared to this ignorant, shallow and vulgar girl!

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