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   Chapter 200 I Have A Boyfriend

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Now that Terence had finally got rid of Bonnie, everything was way easier. Carla didn't want to ask Terence to help her about her work related problems. She knew he would but those were for her to deal with.

The Hua family's issue should be solved by themselves. In the end, she and Terence were just some people from the outside world to them and she knew that was how it would remain.

Soon enough the car stopped in front of the hospital, just close enough to the gate. Carla got out of the car alone and went straight inside.

"Noah? Have you had dinner yet?"

she shouted standing at the door the room, carrying the dinner box. Carla decided to enter straightly this time, and the bodyguard wouldn't dare stop her.

However, she was afraid of Julie being there. 'It would be awkward to bump into them being intimate again, ' she thought.

"The door's not locked. Come in!"

Noah shouted back from the inside.

She opened the door gently. For a brief moment she glanced around and saw just a nurse inside. Assured there was nobody else, she came in, smiling at him.

Noah had just taken another injection of the medicine and the nurse was wrapping the bandage for him.

Carla put down the meal box and came to help the nurse, handling her the scissors.

Then she approached Noah; she couldn't help but bite her lip in silence and shock. Despite the thin layer of the gauze around the wound, she saw it open clearly for the first time. The wound had become larger, as it was cleaned every day. Stitches and swollen skin were going in fishnet beneath the surface of the bandage.

"Are you frightened?" said Noah, looking at her, sensing her shock.

Carla was frightened indeed, her eyes wide open, tears coming up. But only after the nurse finished wrapping and left, Carla dared to come closer and hand him his clothes.

"Noah, did it hurt?" asked Carla almost whispering, looking at him with wet eyes. She wouldn't allow herself to cry in front of him but the view was heartbreaking.

The woman imagined having a wound like this. It would definitely hurt like hell and an ugly scar was inevitable. She knew he had to accept it.

"A little, but now I'm fine," replied Noah, pointing at the bandage on his chest. He took his clothes and put it on. "It's okay. The doctor said that it's not severe. All I need to do is to rest a lot."

Carla helped him to put his shirt on, gently holding a sleeve. But she was worried and said, "Don'

g people coming, Carla stood up and bowed politely.

"Mrs. Andrea, how are you?" she asked.

Andrea was slightly surprised, as she didn't expect Carla to be here. She ordered the servant to bring in the soup that she made at home and came closer to them.

Andrea nodded to Carla with a polite smile and turned to her son.

"Noah, who is this?"

"Mother, she's Carla, a girl that I met in BH City," he replied. "She's an amazing woman and a very interesting person."

Hearing that she was from BH City, Andrea's interest was intrigued. "Carla, do you have someone else in your family? From BH City?" Andrea asked.

Yesterday when she first saw her, Andrea felt Carla somewhat familiar. This was more an intuition than a logical feeling.

At home she told Allen about her, but he asked her to calm down and do not put so much hope into it.

After all those years every hope turned into disappointment.

"Oh, I have a brother," answered Carla in surprise. She didn't expect Andrea to ask her about her family.

"Noah, tell me what's your relationship with Carla?" Andrea couldn't help but ask.

She wouldn't believe that they were just pure friends. Her son saved this girl's life at his own risk! There must be something going on.

Before Noah could answer, Carla explained, "Mrs. Andrea, you must have misunderstood. Noah is like my brother. He has always taken care of me.

Besides, I..." She hesitated for a moment but decided to continue nevertheless, "I have a boyfriend. He's in JA City."

'You probably know him, ' she wanted to add that, but swallowed it. Something in her heart wouldn't let her continue.

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