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   Chapter 198 It's Not All About Business, You Know

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Carla was eating peacefully in the outer room. Then she felt her food got stuck in her throat when she heard Bonnie's voice. If Bonnie decided to come inside, she would surely see her first.

She immediately gulped down the food with a glass of water.

'Ah, here we go again, ' Carla rolled her eyes. She knew that Bonnie would start mocking once she stepped into the room. So she prepared herself.

The moment she stood up from her seat, the door suddenly opened.

Bonnie's lips formed a small "o" when her eyes and Carla's met. She couldn't help but glare. She thought that Carla had left since she ordered the guards to keep her away.

How did she get inside the room?

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe there is someone so thick-faced to be in this room! What do you think, Julie?

I am Noah's little sister and you're his girlfriend. So what is this whore to Noah? Some sort of a petty pastime, perhaps?"

Bonnie raised a eyebrow at Carla with Julie following her from behind.

Carla was surprised that Julie came with her.

But then, Julie was Noah's girlfriend so she was right to be here. She probably have heard about Noah's injury not too long ago and hurried to the hospital.

Bonnie grabbed Julie's hand and glared at Carla. "Let's go, Julie. I'll take you to see my brother. Who needs to waste time looking at her slut face anyway?"

Julie was pulled along with Bonnie. When she heard that Noah got hurt, she hurried to the hospital. It was the first time he got severely injured since they had been together.

She knew very well that Noah might refuse to see her so she asked Bonnie to take her along.

She entered Noah's hospital room.

Bonnie let her in alone. She folded her arms in front of her chest, as if guarding the room. She glared at Carla and spat out, "Carla Ji, you bitch! How dare you show your face here? But I really have to ask. Who do you like at all? Terence? My brother?" Then she proceeded to gasp dramatically, "Or maybe you love them both?"

Carla silently stood up from the sofa and asked the nurse to clean the table. Then she coldly turned to Bonnie. "Take a wild guess, honey. I have no time to deal with you."

Why would she even bother talking nicely to Bonnie

ie didn't even thought that Noah would do the same for her.

"Noah, for the sake of our relationship in the past, could you let me stay here to take care of you? Even for only a couple of days?"

Julie pleaded, "Please?"

If she missed this opportunity, she would never see him again.

Noah didn't bother to remove his gaze from the book. "You do know that there are nurses here, don't you? Do you think you are more qualified than them?"

"B-But it's not the same! I have taken care of you for the past four years! I know you better than any of them!" Julie spoke up.

How could he even compare her to the nurses?

Noah finally looked at Julie menacingly. "Julie, do you think I am a man who clings to the past?"

He was the type of a man who would cast away anything once it was useless.

Julie was allowed to stay with him because he saw her as a bed partner. When loneliness would strike him, he would come to her. It was always convenient whenever he got the desire.

Not to mention, she obeyed him and was considerate. She knew what should and shouldn't do. She didn't poke her nose into his business. That was why he had let her stay for four years.

"N-Noah... Have you ever thought about the future? It's not all about business, you know. Do you really think you can find someone more suitable than me?" Julie's tears flowed on her face. Her voice was laced with melancholy.

She wanted to talk to Noah badly, even if he didn't want to see her anymore.

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