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   Chapter 197 It Is My Pleasure To Get Hurt For You (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5437

Updated: 2019-07-09 10:35

Carla begged the bodyguards. But their response had been the same since hours ago: NO.

"Sorry but Miss Bonnie specifically told us not to let you in," refused one of the bodyguards with a cold face. Carla had been standing near the ward for the whole day. Of course, the bodyguards knew who she was.

But Bonnie particularly ordered them not to let Carla in. They had no choice but to listen to her.

"Mr. Noah? Mr. Noah..." Carla was so worried about Noah that she raised her voice and called on him.

After a short while, a nurse from the ward came out and said, "Mr. Noah asked me to let her in."

Carla was really glad to hear that. Then she followed the nurse to the ward.

It was a very big ward. Carla walked inside for a while before she saw Noah.

At that moment, Noah was sitting on the bed. He couldn't lie down because he had a wound on his back too.

After a long operation, he looked a little weak and pale. But when he smiled as convincingly as he could, Carla knew that he was still the warm and kind gentleman that she had known.

When he saw her walk in, he immediately called on to her, "Carla, come here and sit with me."

Carla walked over and sat next to Noah's bed.

"Mr. Noah, I'm really sorry for everything that happened. You got hurt because of me," Carla regretfully said with her head down, looking at his hand which had a needle attached to it.

Noah took a look at the two nurses who were busy doing chores around his ward and told them, "You can go now. I want to rest."

After the nurses left the room, Noah turned to Carla who was clearly still blaming herself. Then h

drinking when she realized that she maybe a little impolite. After all, Noah was a patient. She shouldn't have gotten some water for herself without asking if he was thirsty or not.

Noah looked at her with a smile. Then he shook his head and answered, "No, I'm not thirsty. Don't be overcautious. Are you hungry? If you are, you can just tell me. I'll ask the nurses to get you something to eat."

Carla shook her head.

But just at that moment, her stomach started growling.

In reality, she hadn't eaten anything or drank a sip of water since yesterday. So she was not just hungry. She was starving.

Noah didn't ask her any more questions. He directly told his nurses to prepare some delicious food and send them to his ward.

Very soon, the scrumptious dishes and warm rice were being served on the table in front of Carla.

As the dishes were being served one by one on the table, Carla stared at them as if she couldn't wait to enjoy them.

However, when Carla was finally eating happily, shouts were heard outside of the ward.

"Miss Bonnie, there you are."

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