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   Chapter 196 It Is My Pleasure To Get Hurt For You (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5597

Updated: 2019-07-09 08:20

"It's you! It's you again! You're such a bitch. You've already stolen my fiance away from me. Isn't that enough? And this time, you even want to take away my brother. You are the reason he's here in the hospital. He saved you at the risk of his own life,"

Bonnie shouted at Carla as she briskly walked towards her. The second she was close enough, Bonnie raised her hand in an attempt to slap Carla in the face.

Fortunately, Carla was quick enough to stop Bonnie just in time. Holding on to Bonnie's hand, Carla leered at her with a sneer. "You have it all wrong. Your brother got hurt, not because of me but because of YOU! If you hadn't planned all of those things to hurt me, this wouldn't have happened! How could you do this to your own brother?" Carla couldn't help but burst and gave into her emotions.

If Bonnie hadn't schemed to ruin Carla, Noah wouldn't have gotten hurt by saving her life.

"What are you talking about? That's bullshit," Bonnie cried out. Bonnie's eyes flashed from left to right. She couldn't accept that it was her own doing that placed her brother's life in danger. She was so angry that she grabbed Carla's hand and dragged her towards her family. "Dad, mom, this is Carla. She is the reason Terence decided to call off our engagement.

Even though she knew Terence and I were engaged, she still insisted to live in his villa and be with him every day. Gradually, Terence fell in love with her. As a result, in order to protect her, he broke off our engagement,"

Bonnie accused as she yanked Carla in front of her parents.

Andrea and Allen looked at each other before fixing their eyes on the outlandish girl in front of them

e without saying a word to me?"

She didn't even have a chance to see him.

"Miss Carla, I just went out to buy you these clothes a moment ago. Why don't you change your clothes in the bathroom?" Rainer offered as he handed the bag to Carla.

It was at that moment when Carla realized that she was still wearing a Man's suit. "Okay, thank you so much," Carla gave Rainer a small smile.

Carla took the bag and went to change her clothes in the bathroom.

It was already afternoon but

Carla and Rainer were still sitting outside of Noah's ward. It was inappropriate for her to go inside because all of Noah's family members were there.

Noah's family members didn't leave the hospital until it was getting dark. After all, they were not just any citizen. Almost all of them had something crucial to do.

But before they left, they hired several nurses to take care of Noah and some bodyguards stationed outside the ward. So they didn't have to stay in the hospital all the time.

"I'm Mr. Noah's friend. Can you please let me in? I just want to see how he's doing right now. It won't take long,"

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