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   Chapter 195 A Special Reunion

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7271

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The curtains pulled open and Noah entered the club. He was looking for Carla and didn't expect he'd bump into her as soon as he arrived. He caught Carla and they almost tumbled to the floor.

When Carla realized who she bumped into, she grabbed onto him tightly. Noah saw the panic in her eyes.

A loud yell reminded Carla why she ran and she quickly hid behind Noah.

The men had just emerged from the elevator and marched towards her with rage in their faces.

Noah watched as the men got nearer and nearer. Carla held tight to his clothes and he felt her shiver behind him.

He sensed something was wrong when they talked on the phone. Good thing HA City was his territory.

It took time to track down this club or he would have been there even earlier.

"You bitch! How dare you run away? Come out and face us! You think you can hide from us, you sneaky, stupid bitch? This is HA City. No matter where you hide, I'm gonna find you!"

Carla peeked from behind Noah and the man saw her. He didn't realize she hid behind Noah and rushed towards her.

Carla hid behind and held tight to Noah, even if she wasn't sure whether he would save her. If this were Terence, he'd have pummeled the man already.

The man screamed and Carla shut her eyes.

Before the man could even touch her, Noah stopped and grabbed him.

Noah lifted his arm and twisted it back. He kicked the man on the waist and sent the man groaning on the floor.

"Brooke! Brooke!"

the man had shouted for Brooke while he writhed in pain on the floor. Brooke rushed from behind and through the group of men in front of Noah. "What's going on?" Brooke asked when he saw the man on the floor. He raised his head to throw Noah out when he saw who it was. "Get ou - Mr. Noah!"

"Get these people out, Brooke!" Noah commanded in a voice that made Brooke tremble.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Noah!" Brooke waved his hand to his men and pointed to the mob.

Noah turned his attention back to Carla. He finally noticed her ruined dress. He took off his jacket and covered her with it.

Even with the nice gesture, Carla found it hard to calm down.

He might not have been involved in what happened b

ged for one of his men to check up on her at the hotel. But they found no one in her room. He immediately told his driver to take him to the airport.

He took the next flight to HA City.

"Mr. Terence, are we going to help?"

Rainier asked. He didn't understand why they stood there, just watching.

Terence watched Carla stay away from the Hua family. He didn't know what happened but he was glad to know she was alive.

"Let's go back, Nathan. Rainer, stay here and take care of Carla."

Terence shot a lingering look at Carla, who still didn't know he was there. He walked out of the hospital before she could see him.

Carla finally met her family.

If she saw him and went to him, he would definitely take her away.

But things always happened for a reason.

And Terence decided to just let things be and let things unfold in the right way.

"Yes, Mr. Terence,"

Rainier nodded and made himself comfortable at the hospital. He knew better than to question Terence.

At the waiting area, Tristan asked Brooke through gritted teeth, "I am asking you who did Noah save. Because that's just impossible. Noah is not like that."

Brooke debated in his mind but knew he had no choice but to tell the truth. He pointed to Carla on the other side of the room.

They followed Brooke's finger and all of them Tristan, York, Bonnie, Allen and Andrea saw and fixed their eyes on Carla, who stayed quiet throughout their debate.

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