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   Chapter 194 Just Accept Your Fate (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5194

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When she entered the room, all the men sized her up instantly. Some licked their lips while they looked at her from head to toe. Some smirked and some frowned. But one thing was for sure, they all looked like hungry wolves who waited for their prey.

She forced herself to walk further into the room and placed the plate Erica gave her on the table in the middle of the room. She was relieved for a second that nothing was about to happen when a callous hand slithered to her waist. She heard one man chuckling beside her.

"You must be new. I've never seen you before," one of the men asked, a lewd smile occupied his face.

Carla slid her hand on her waist to remove his arm and forced herself to return his smile. "Yes, I am, sir. And if you'll let me, I'd love to set your table first."

She held her breath and turned to march to the door.

But one of the men grabbed her shoulder to stop her.

"There's no rush, my dear. The others can take care of the dishes. Come here. Sit by my side," the man invited her. He took her hand and pulled her down towards her on his lap. He was a strong man and she couldn't break free from his grasp.

Carla closed her eyes and prayed for this to be over soon. She opened her eyes to look for a way to escape. Even if she fought back, she'd be able to fight off only one or two men but she couldn't handle all of them.

And Brooke was right outside the door. He'd catch her immediately.

She racked her brain to find some way to escape when the man's hand slithered to her breast.

All sense flew

as fast she could away from the room.

Half-naked and disheveled, Carla dashed to the other side of the hallway and searched for a way to escape.

"Hey! Stop!"

She didn't turn around but knew everybody in the room came running after her.

Carla saw a fire exit at the end of the door and used a quick second to decide to exit through that door or the front door. If she ran out from this door, she couldn't get far because of the narrow streets. But the front door would give her better chances to escape.

It was risky but it was worth it.

Carla made up her mind and used all her strength to run faster and down the stairs.

Thank goodness she was on the second floor. Even if the men took the elevator, she would still reach the front door ahead of them.

Carla gasped for air when she saw the front door. She didn't hesitate and dashed towards it.

But the moment she approached the front door, another man pushed the curtain towards her and entered.

Carla saw him at the last second and slammed into the man.

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