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   Chapter 193 Just Accept Your Fate (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5573

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"Of course, that can be done easily. But can you wait a bit? We have very important guests right now and she needs to attend to them. And we do not want to offend them, especially since they will appear in the video, too. How about this? I'll wait until the important guests leave, so you can get the video tomorrow?"

Brooke suggested. He glanced over at Carla and glared at her.

"Fine. Send me the video tomorrow morning. When the guests leave, you'll have the chance and plenty of time before dawn comes," Bonnie agreed since her plan was still intact.

Anyway, Carla was not an innocent woman any longer. She was working as a prostitute now. Bonnie had already won half the battle and she wasn't in a hurry to declare her victory.

'Will Terence accept a whore?' Bonnie thought to herself. A vicious smile appeared on her lips. 'I don't think so. He may be kind but he's not a saint.'

"Yes, of course. You can count on us,"

Brooke promised Bonnie on the phone.

He gave the phone back to his men and smirked at Carla, "See? I'm not the one who wants to harm you." Brooke turned to his men and pointed to Carla, "Take her out! Get her to work now!"

Brooke strode out of the room and left Carla with his men.

Brooke was still disturbed because of Noah's call. 'Mr. Noah might want to protect Carla. I don't want to disobey him. What if he knows about this plan?

'But Miss Bonnie insists on revenging on Carla. And Miss Bonnie is Mr. Noah's younger sister. It is her decision, not mine. So Mr. Noah won't blame on me.

I'd better do as Miss Bonnie bids.' Brooke made up his mind.

Carla watched Brooke leave. Her stomach rumbled and she kn

fought back her tears and changed into the purple dress. She took the plate that Erica gave her and dragged herself to the private rooms on the second floor.

Carla stopped and took a deep breath. She held her shoulders high. 'I won't give in. I am the master of my own fate!' Carla told herself.

'If it had to come to the worst, I would rather die than be ruined by them.

I will do this for Terence so he can keep me in his mind his whole life, ' Carla smiled through her tears.

She knew Terence was not going to be able to save her. This was HA City, not JA City and it was going to take time for him to get here.

Besides, HA City was a big city, under the domain of the Hua family. It was going to be a miracle if he could come to her quickly.

"Go inside now! Don't just stand there. Chop-chop!"

One man saw Carla had stood frozen outside the door and shouted at her.

Carla grimaced. She felt so disgusted but she knew she had to endure this for a few more days so she could escape. She opened the door and stepped inside to be greeted by a sea of strange faces. Panic rose up in her.

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