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   Chapter 192 The Entertainment Club

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"Mr. Brooke, please, I have obeyed all your orders. What are you going to do to me now?" Carla asked.

Brooke pushed her into the room and thrust a phone into her hand.

It was her cellphone.

"Someone called for you. Call them back and tell them you were in the shower. That's why you missed their call. Tell them. Now! Call them!"

Brooke commanded. He chewed on his gum while he took a sharp knife from his men. He pressed it against Carla's throat and threatened, "Don't say a word about us. Or I'll slit your throat! Your friend won't be fast enough to save you!"

Carla held back her tears and assured him, "I won't try to do anything stupid, Mr. Brooke. I promise I won't tell them anything about this and about you. Please, just don't hurt me with the knife, please!"

But Brooke kept the knife against her throat. She fought back her tears and lifted her cellphone to eye level so she could check her calls. There were five unanswered calls.

Four were from Terence, and the last one was from- Noah? What!

Carla took a few deep breaths to calm herself before she talked to Brooke again, "Mr. Brooke, please, can you move the knife away while I make the call? The knife is making me nervous. And my friends will hear that I'm nervous while I'm talking to them. They'll know something is wrong."

Brooke thought for a minute and removed the knife from her throat. He knew she couldn't escape anyway. And even if she told them, she would be dead before they could find her.

Carla took several more deep breaths to calm her nerves. She turned to her phone while she fought back tears. She was about to press Terence's name when her phone rang.

"Answer it, now! And use the speaker!"

Brooke commanded in a panic.

Carla accepted the call and answered, "Hello?" She tried to make herself sound normal.

"Carla! Where have you been? I have been calling you several times!" Terence's voice boomed on the speaker. He was worried when Carla didn't answer his call immediately.

Carla cleared her throat to clear the nerves. She bit her lower lip before she answered, "No need to panic, Terence. I was just in the shower; that's why I wasn't able to answer your calls."

"Are you all right, Carla?" Terence continued to ask. He had been worried when she didn't answer but he was relieved when he finally heard her voice.

He called her five times and she only answered on the fifth call. He was ready to organize a search party for her.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. Hey, did you like the pig that I drew for you?" she asked. A smile formed on her lips unconsciously as she remembered her small gift for Terence. Tears threatened

both legal and illegal channels. Nobody could and would dare to offend him, especially in HA City.

"Mr. Brooke, please. I know you took me here because someone ordered you to do it. But you need to think about what you're doing now. Whose side are you on? Who is more important? Mr. Noah or this other person?"

It might not be against her throat anymore but Brooke still kept the knife near and ready to attack in case Carla did something he didn't like. She tried to pacify him and reason with him instead.

Because now, she was sure it was Bonnie who asked Brooke to kidnap her. There was no one else who could hate her that much.

Bonnie did it all behind Noah. Noah had no idea that Bonnie had done such a thing or he wouldn't have called her.

Brooke didn't answer Carla. He didn't know what to say. But, before he could answer, one of his men called him.

"Brooke, you got a call from the boss!"

One of his men handed him the cell phone.

"What's going on now? Is everything going according to plan?"

Bonnie demanded on the other side of the line as soon as Brooke answered.

"Yes, you can rest assured. Everything is going according to plan," Brooke answered with a tremble in his voice.

"It better be. I want you to use your cellphone and take a video of her. Make sure I can see her face clearly. And make sure it's a long video. Then send it to me. Once you send it, I'll give you what I promised. You have my word,"

Bonnie reminded Brooke.

She thought that Carla had someone film her in a sex video in the past. And today, Carla must go through a similar event.

The video would be sent to Terence, her brother Noah, and all the people who knew Carla.

She needed to let them know what a shameless dirty cunt Carla was!

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