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   Chapter 191 Carla Was In Danger Once Again

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9594

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Carla stopped and tried to turn around instinctively. However, Hardy dragged her limping towards the car without even looking back.

When they were just several steps away from the car, a man suddenly approached them. He grabbed Hardy by the arm and threw him on the ground. "Looks like you did not get enough in the toilet. Let me beat the shit out of you again. You certainly deserve it. I told you to bring her here. Where are you taking her?"

Then he turned to his men and shouted to them, "Come here. Beat the shit out of him! Don't kill him. Just beat him until he realizes that death is much better than being alive. Also, keep him breathing just a bit if it's okay."

Hardy shouted at Carla, "Miss Carla, I'm so sorry. I... I... I didn't mean to hurt you."

That was when Carla remembered that there was something wrong with the way he walked. It turned out that the gang of thugs had already had their eyes on her when they were still in the factory. At that time, they hit and threatened Hardy. They forced him to take Carla to the place where they were now.

"What are you trying to do?"

Carla asked him while staring at the evil-looking men who were advancing on her. All of the men had tattoos either on their arms or on their legs.

"Take her away!"

The man who was wearing a black vest shouted at the men behind him. He had an azure dragon tattoo on both of his arms.

Before Carla was dragged away, she heard that some people were beating and threatening Hardy, "Listen! If you dare report this to Terence secretly, all of your family members in HA City will have a hard time. Think carefully."

Carla then realized that she was in HA City and not JA City.

Everyone knew that HA City was the territory of the Hua family.

'How did Bonnie know that I came to HA City?

The only person I informed of my plans was Noah. Was he the one who told Bonnie where I would be?

Maybe they are working together?' thought Carla.

She looked around and found that she had been taken to a brothel. Carla couldn't help but laugh bitterly. The last time she was kidnapped, she was taken to a cement building. She found it funny that this time, it was a brothel.

They took her to a different place but their purpose was the same. It was to ruin her.

The place appeared to be a magnificent entertainment center on the outside. However, Carla could tell immediately at a glance that it was just a false facade.

There were plenty of sexy girls in cat woman costumes. They were walking all over the place. They had bottles in both their hands. They were flirting with the guests from time to time. Some even went into private rooms with the customers.

Carla was taken into a dark room. The door was locked from the outside. Her bag and cell phone were taken away from her. She couldn't see nor hear anything except for some moans and groa

tampons. "The bathroom is in there. Once you are finished, come out right away."

Carla thanked Erica before she entered the bathroom.

When she got out of the bathroom, Erica asked her to change into a different uniform. She also made her wear a pair of cat earrings. When she was satisfied with how Carla looked, they left the locker room.

As soon as they came out, the sounds of shouting and screaming filled their ears.

While looking around, Carla realized that there was some kind of caste system in the brothel. Some of the girls were wearing cat costumes while others were wearing rabbit costumes. There were also some dressed in dog costumes. Carla didn't know what it meant but she noticed that their duties were different.

On Erica's orders, Carla was assigned to the front desk. She needed to deliver what the customers ordered according to their appropriate seats and private rooms.

First, she went to the front desk to get the order. Next, she walked to the bar for a bottle of wine. Then, she took the wine to a private room on the fourth floor.

Erica was right. It was a place from which no one can escape.

Carla looked around and found out that there were guards at every exit. There were also cameras everywhere.

As for the girls, they didn't seem to be forced to work here like Carla. Instead, they seemed to have volunteered to work here.

When she entered the private room, Carla gritted her teeth. She tried to stop herself from hitting the customer with the bottle in her hand. When she got out, she massaged her thighs desperately with her hand.

She took a deep breath and thought of it as being licked by a dog. Just as the old proverb said, 'Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans.'

However, Carla didn't expect that

when she came downstairs, Brooke would suddenly appear. He ordered his men to grab her arm and to drag her into a room.

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