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   Chapter 189 Terence's Long Lost Love

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9150

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The photo frame was dusty, indicating that it had not been touched for a long time.

After inspecting the photo, Carla threw it at Terence and asked, "What is that?"

Terence was astonished as he was still filled with lust. He picked up the frame and looked at the picture. His eyebrows immediately furrowed.

"I don't know this woman," he answered resolutely.

Carla didn't believe him. She pointed at the photo frame again and accused him, "Why did you have a picture with her if you don't even know her? You even hid it in such a concealed place!"

In the picture, Terence could be seen with a girl.

He looked much younger, and the girl with him looked like she was of the same age. They looked like they were really happy as evidenced by their wide smiles. They were really close with each other. Terence even had his arms around her. Anyone who saw the picture would undoubtedly have the idea that they looked like a young couple.

His bookshelf occupied the whole of the wall. The photo frame, on the other hand, was the same size as a book. Therefore, nobody found it amidst the numerous books.

Terence brushed his hair fretfully and stared at the photo frame. If someone saw him, they would think he was looking at a test paper. He started to frown, trying really hard to recognize the girl. 'Who is this woman?' Terence kept repeating in his head.

After a while, he just gave up. He really could not recognize the girl no matter how hard he tried.

"Carla, I really can't figure out who she was. She might be one of my friends but I'm not sure. After all, it was a long time ago. Basing from this picture, I'd say it was taken before I joined the army. But I don't have a single clue about it—the location, the time and most especially the girl!"

Terence looked into her eyes and explained as genuinely as he could.

Thankfully, his serious and sincere expression finally convinced Carla. She put the frame down on the table and decided to let the matter go. It was natural for her to get mad at Terence at that moment because this intimate picture appeared when they were having sex.

But everyone had a past, even her.

She had seen pictures of him with other girls before. However, what was really bothering her...

"Are you sure I'm your first one? You didn't lie to me, right?" Carla suddenly asked.

She wanted to know his answer. She didn't mind his ex-girlfriends who had already separated with him.

She only cared about whether he lied to her or not.

She could forgive everything as long as he was honest with her.

"It's true. I didn't lie to you about this fact," Terence immediately and calmly answered. He pressed his forehead against hers and threw the photo frame to the tras

Nathan hesitated.

"We don't know actually. But I only know you went camping with her in a mountain once, alone. As for what you did there... W-we don't know," Nathan stammered.

Bang! Terence pounded on the table. "What did you say?"

Nathan replied in the sincerest voice he could muster, "Mr. Terence, you are our boss! We couldn't tell you what to do or not. You liked Erica just like how you like Miss Carla right now.

Mr. Nicholas adored you so much that he didn't intervene in your love affair with Erica even though she was the daughter of a servant. As for us, we didn't dare to say anything since Mr. Nicolas allowed your relationship with her."

Terence asked in a trembling voice, "What? The daughter of a servant?"

Rainer didn't know anything about this old story because he had been in abroad for training at that time. The story also surprised him and he teased, "Mr. Terence, it seems that you have a preference for Cinderella girls.

But it has been a decade from now. Does it matter if you don't remember? She could be-"

Terence gave him a warning glare and he stopped talking immediately.

To take Terence's attention away from Rainer, Nathan started to explain, "Yes, Mr. Terence. She was the daughter of a servant. She was a year younger than you, and you were in a relationship with her for one year. You completely forgot her after you were injured. Mr. Nicholas sent her away and she disappeared since then."

Terence couldn't believe such an absurd story. He continued to rub his temples and looked at the beautiful girl in the picture.

"Rainer, Nathan, you have to keep this secret for me. Don't tell anyone a word about it, especially to Carla, is that clear?" Terence said as he addressed Rainer and Nathan simultaneously.

Nathan and Rainer nodded, "Yes, Mr. Terence!"

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