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   Chapter 188 Terence's Portrait

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Terence approached the easel with curiosity.

The lights in the room were almost all turned off, so the room had only dim light. Terence could only vaguely make out an outline on the canvas.

He didn't really expect that Carla would do a portrait of him, and as he came to stand in front of the canvas, his suspicions were confirmed. He saw an image of a pig on the paper.

The pig was drawn in great detail. It had a fat body and cute ears, but the most striking feature was its uplifted plump butt and behind it a puff of air. The pig was obviously farting.

"Oh my! I can't believe it—"

Terence removed the picture from the easel and studied it for a moment. He couldn't help but grin about it.

However, when he remembered how Carla made him sit still for two hours straight just to draw the silly pig picture, he was somewhat irritated. His back was still sore, even now. But he resisted the urge to tear it up.

Terence turned to leave, but something on the easel had caught his eye. He turned back and looked closer at another canvas on it. Because the room was so dimly lit, he hadn't noticed it initially when he removed the picture of the pig.

Terence stopped

and then his eyes lit up as soon as he saw what it was. His heart melted, and he was so happy.

He stood alone in the quiet room and

smiled joyfully.

His heart was filled with love and tenderness.

The picture of the pig that was in his hand dropped to the floor. Terence pulled up a chair and sat in front of the easel, admiring the painting that Carla had done.

It was after all a painted portrait of Terence on the canvas. The man staring back at him looked like Terence, although it wasn't as good as professional artistic work. But it did have Terence's unique characteristics. As an amateur painter, she showed true raw talent.

'Isn't this girl a treasure?

The odds were all against her. You would imagine that Carla would be an ordinary girl considering the family she grew up in and her education. However, she had surprised me with her excellent horsemanship and now with her talented painting skills.

She was born to be an outstanding person, but her real talents had been suppressed because of her misfortune in life.

Otherwise, who knows what she may have achieved by now given the opportunity, ' Terence thought proudly.

Terence remembered that Bryant mentioned once that Carla's and Sean's father was a teacher when he was alive. He liked to paint and do calligraphy as a hobby. Carla must have learned to paint from her father.

Carla had been taken away from the Hua family from when she was o

m the bookshelf.

"What are you doing, Carla?" Terence asked. He then came in and reached the book for her and hugged her from behind.

Carla put the book on the table and moved his arms away and continued to reach for another book.

"The business trip will last for several days, so I was thinking to grab some books to take with me in case I feel bored at night," she answered.

She wasn't really playing hide-and-seek with him. The idea had occurred to her at that moment, so she ran off to get some books from his study for the trip.

Terence helped her take all the books that she needed.

"Do you need more?" he asked anxiously. He was actually eager to touch her right now. How many books did she need?

Carla looked at the four books and said, "Nope. I think that's enough."

As soon as she answered, Terence, pounced, hugging her, and kissed her lips.

"Carla, this place is perfect! Having sex in the study. I like it!" Terence smiled.

"You are crazy," Carla teased. Then he turned down the lights and pushed her against the bookshelf.

The room was dimly lit with faint yellow lights. Their heavy breathing was especially obvious in the quiet study.

Terence was very passionate and aroused that the whole bookshelf rocked with his movements.

Carla closed her eyes and held his shoulders, enjoying the feeling that Terence gave her. When suddenly an object fell down, making a sound. She opened her eyes and glanced at it.

Suddenly she opened her eyes wide and pushed Terence away immediately.

"Carla! What happened?" Terence asked in a husky breathless voice frowning at her sudden action.

Carla wrapped herself with the bath towel and bent down to pick up the object.

It was a tiny photo frame.

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