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   Chapter 187 What Did You Paint

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Carla felt agitated when she found out that there was still fifty-five minutes to go. She stood up from the sofa and paced impatiently around the room.

She glanced at Terence and saw his smiling eyes following her around the room.

She finally stopped pacing and closed her eyes and let out a long exasperated breath. 'Okay, just let him be. He can do whatever he wants. After all, it's a rare opportunity that he will get to gaze at me for such a long time, ' thought Carla.

Terence narrowed his eyes. 'What's she up to?'

Carla then strode off to find the paints, brushes, canvas and everything else that she may need to paint a picture. In the Seaview Villa, you could almost find anything. You named it, and it was probably there.

Painting a picture would be the most time-consuming activity right now.

She prepared the canvas on the easel and squeezed out various paint colors onto the palette.

She then stared at the canvas, mentally working out the outline of the man sitting on the sofa.

Terence couldn't help but laugh out loud when he noticed that Carla was using him as her model. Actually, he admired her cleverness.

This way, not only could she ease the embarrassment but also—

"Hey! Don't move! Get into a relaxed pose and then stop moving!"

demanded Carla.

Terence cleared his throat and said, "Okay, when you finish it, I'll get it framed and hang it up in the living room."

Carla wanted to laugh at his suggestion, but she held it in and straightened up.

Terence frowned slightly and wondered what the final result would be like since Carla was snickering weirdly.

Carla made a draft with a pencil deciding the rough outline. After that, she started to mix the colors and brush them on the canvas.

Watching Carla, who was totally engrossed in painting Terence almost believed that she could actually be a talented artist.

This woman had so much hidden potential. He thought that he knew everything about her, but she always managed to surprise him with something new.

The minutes ticked away.

Terence looked at his watch and reminded her, "Master Carla, it's already been one hour and twenty minutes. Have you finish

right, they would suffer more if they rushed into the marriage.

He wanted to give Carla a happy marriage, not one filled with pressure and problems.

Sean may not know, but Carla could understand it.

Although she didn't know exactly what he was waiting for. But, for now, it was definitely not the best time to get married.

She was well aware of that.

"All right, Sean, it's adult business, and we'll sort it out. Now your job is to study hard. You behaving well is the best thing you can do for me,"

said Carla smiling as she caressed his hair with affection.

Sean nodded and promised. "Carla, don't worry, I will. I'll let everyone know that Carla has an amazing brother!"

Sean was not like Terence.

Terence would become Carla's husband. But Sean would be the only man in the Ji family. If he became powerful one day, then the An family would respect his sister more.

"Sean, take your sister to have dinner. She especially came to visit you. You two have a good time," said Terence.

He opened the door of the elevator and let them go down first.

Then, he went to the table near the sofa to pick up their phones.

It was already getting dark outside, and the lights in the villa gradually turned on.

When Terence picked up the phones and was about to go down and join them, he suddenly remembered the painting.

So he turned back and walked to see the painting that had made him suffer for two hours straight.

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