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   Chapter 185 Be With You Forever (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6247

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completely unaware of the fact that Carla had actually gone in before them.

She tried to haul Johnny back in, but he had already lost interest upon being interrupted. He pushed her away and sorted himself out before heading out first.

In the hall, Terence saw her coming from a mile away.

"You're finally back!" he exclaimed as she walked closer.

Terence took a quick peep at her waist. Although the finish wasn't anything great, at the very least, it wasn't easily noticeable anymore. He signaled to the waiter and then he promptly handed a bag over to him.

Out of curiosity, Carla opened it and saw a fresh dress inside the bag. She naturally smiled and told him, "I'll just change into it after we have lunch."

"You may do as you please," Terence replied. Then, he proceeded to serve a plate of his own beefsteak for her, which he had already cut into bite-sized pieces. Terence didn't really care what she wore. All that mattered was whether she felt comfortable wearing it.

Spending quite some time laboring on her dress, Carla was actually quite starving by the time she returned to their table, so she gladly basked in the full flavor of the beefsteak.

As she was happily enjoying her lunchtime, she suddenly felt someone's eyes piercing right through her. She abruptly looked up to check who it could possibly be, but there was no one standing there.

She tried looking around and found Johnny and his friend sitting at another table. What was strange though, was that the woman she had seen together with him wasn't there with them.

"What is it that you're looking at?" Terence queried as he set the dessert right in front of her at the table.

Carla pointed toward where Johnny was seated and remarked, "See that? The man lost to me last time is also eating here at this restaurant."

Terence looked at the direction where she was

umor him with a response, instead she just beamed him a smile and rested her arm on top of his.

Grabbing his hand tightly, she touched a small gear piece on the fish's head. And right then and there, the two fishes were suddenly securely locked together.

She had clear white skin and her arm was slim. On the other hand, he was tan and muscular. Together, their arms seemed to have painted a harmonious picture.

Seeing the two fishes intertwined was more than enough to melt Terence's heart.

With their arms locked together, using her free hand, Carla grabbed her cell phone and took a picture of their bracelets connected together. Then, she went ahead and set that picture as her cell phone's wallpaper.

"Look! Isn't it beautiful?"

She appeared to be so delighted to show him her new wallpaper.

"Yes, it definitely is so beautiful!" Terence honestly thought so as well. He intended to take out his cell phone to also take a picture of it himself. However, it slipped his mind that their bracelets were still locked together firmly as he reached out his arm into his pocket.

A man's arm strength tended to be quite powerful.

Being caught by surprise, Carla was instantaneously dragged down by his unexpected movement.

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