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   Chapter 184 Be With You Forever (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6177

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"You should know damn well that you're supposed to love me. The two of us should forever be in love. How could we possibly live together if you're not in love with me?" Carla articulated, sitting on his lap and staring him down straight in the eyes.

Love was the vital source of life of marriage. There was no way she could accept a marriage unbounded by love.

Terence then rested the palm of his hand on the back of her head, planted a kiss on her soft lips and swore to her, "I love you so much. Of course, I do! You should be well aware of that!"

Peering right into his eyes, Carla was able to tell that it was what he genuinely felt. For that very reason, she couldn't hold herself back from grinning like a Cheshire cat. Leaning in a little closer, she then kissed him back.

As Carla was getting up from his lap, Terence suddenly reeled her in. And without any warning, he slipped his tongue right into her mouth.

Being quite crazy in love, they passionately got all over each other, when suddenly the car came to a bend, causing the two of them to abruptly fall off the seats.

Terence was thrown on top of Carla, his eyes glittering with intense desire, so anxious to get his hands all over her at that moment.

It seemed that luck was on Carla's side this time though, because the ride to where they were heading to wasn't that long. So, they were able to get to their destination within just half an hour.

The moment the car stopped, Carla stopped Terence in his tracks and prevented him from doing anything to her.

Heaving an audible, deep, and lengthy sigh, Terence unwillingly got off of Carla. She then quickly sat up and fixed herself up. Terence, in turn, grabbed his shirt from the floor and put it back on.

As Carla exited the limousine, she was stunned by how the fancy restaurant looked from the outside.

re. And besides, Terence was still waiting for her at their table.

After quickly putting on her dress, she slowly opened the door of her cubicle and casually walked outside. She then went straight into the wash area.

She tried her best to lower her head, but she still unintentionally caught a glimpse of the man.

At a quick glance, he looked a bit familiar.

Thus, she decided to give him a second look.

Wasn't that Johnny? The man who had just lost to her?

When Johnny finally noticed that the woman was looking at him, he looked back and his blood ran cold the moment he saw Carla's reflection in the mirror. The passion he had been feeling just seconds ago drifted away in a blink of an eye.

Carla acted as if she hadn't noticed them at all. As soon as she was done washing her hands, she simply exited the restroom as though nothing happened.

"What's the matter, Mr. Johnny? Is everything okay?" the woman asked, feeling a bit confused. She had been too caught up in a whirlwind of emotions that she didn't even realize that there was someone else in the restroom at all.

And on top of that, Johnny's men were standing guard outside so she was certain that no one else could possibly come in after them,

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