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   Chapter 183 A Stopover In JA City

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8001

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Julie stared at Noah's back. He was cold but restrained without any sign of anger. Her heart sank.

She knew him well.

Noah was a determined man. His words were like spilled water, and there was no chance that he would take them back. No matter what happened in the future, he would never come back for her.

Julie would never be a part of his world again.

Even though Noah was cold emotionally, he wasn't stingy with his money. A considerable sum of money was transferred to Julie's account in less than an hour.

The houses, car, and money that Noah had left for her were more than enough to set her up for the rest of her life.

It was just that—

She would never see Noah again.

It was soon nightfall.

Carla had returned home exhausted. She had a shower and then shuffled to the bed.

But she was still worried about Julie, so she decided to make a call to Noah to ease her mind.

"Hello, Noah. It's me, Carla. How is Julie? Is she still angry?" she asked as she sat up in her bed.

Julie didn't look okay when they were having the meal. Carla wondered if she was all right.

Carla would feel terrible if the couple started an argument because of her.

"Everything is fine." Noah's tone sounded very peaceful.

Carla heaved a sigh of relief. She nodded and said, "I'm glad. Noah, women get jealous very easily, so don't take anything seriously. And just so you know we like sweet words rather than dull lectures. You should say something nice to comfort her."

Noah fell silent for a moment before replying, "I see. Thank you."

"Good. You're a man. So be kind to your girlfriend and don't start a fight. That's all I called you for. I'm going to sleep now. Bye."

Carla hung up the phone.

She had barely put the phone down when it rang.

"My sweet Terence! Miss me?"

Carla answered the phone excitedly as soon as she saw that it was Terence.

"Who were you talking to just now? It took you a while to answer." Terence sounded a little jealous from the other end.

Carla was immediately aware that Terence must have called her several times. She couldn't help laughing. "Goodness me, I can smell your jealousy from miles away. Let's go to video chat. I can't wait to see your jealous face!"

She hung up the phone and pressed video chat.

A second later Terence's handsome face appeared on the screen.

Carla's eyes sparkled when she look

d Carla to the limo. Since it was noon, Terence took her out for lunch first before they went home.

As soon as Carla got into the limo, she began searching for something here and there.

"What are you looking for?" Terence couldn't help but burst out laughing when he saw her like that.

Carla didn't answer him. She found what she was looking for in the locker under the bench chair. She turned to look at Terence with a flash of slyness in her black-pearl-like eyes. She held the condom up and waved it slightly in front of him as she smiled.

Terence had to stifle a laugh. He watched as his bold woman came to him and straddled his lap. He ran his hand along her thigh and groaned seductively, "You just can't wait, can you?"

Carla poked him in the chest and looked up at him. "Something for a starter, you know. But I have to remind you first. We don't do this in the afternoon. I would like to spend the afternoon with Sean. So we can only make love twice today."

She had to set the rules first.

Carla was well aware of Terence's appetite for lovemaking. If she hadn't set the rules, then they would be taking her to the airport on a stretcher tomorrow morning.

Terence couldn't contain himself anymore. He burst out laughing and pinched Carla on the cheek. "You are so cute, babe. I just can't stop loving you."

She was so adorable so different, so raw and sincere. And she was just so good at firing him up.

He couldn't imagine his life without her.

If that day should ever come, how could he possibly find another woman just like her? She was irreplaceable.

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