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   Chapter 182 Not Meant To Be

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9033

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Carla gazed at Noah. She noticed his eyes kept shifting from her and Julie back and forth. Then she took the seat across the two as Julie took her place beside Noah.

Julie tried her best not to sit too close to Noah. When her hand grazed his sleeve, she jolted and shifted herself further away from him. Julie said, "Noah, I am here to dine with a friend. I didn't expect you and Ms. Carla would also be here.

Please don't mind me. Just enjoy yourselves! My friend is waiting for me." She was about to stand up when she felt someone tug her hand.

"Julie, there's no need to be shy around us! Just invite your friend to dine with us."

It was Carla who stopped her and Carla looked at Noah, convincing him to do something.

Noah cleared his throat as if he knew what Carla was thinking. He smiled, "Julie, since we just bumped to each other, why not ask your friend to come dine with us?"

Julie was surprised but it was replaced with a warm feeling in her system. She nodded as she smiled brightly. Then she called her friend to join them.

Once they were all seated, Julie's friend sat beside Carla.

The girl was more energetic than Julie, judging from her sunny smile. She looked at Noah and enthusiastically greeted him, "It's so great to meet you, Mr. Hua! Julie would always tell me about you. She keeps on going about how awesome you are. And finally, I met you in person! The person who makes my little Julie giddy!"

"Lily, please stop it,"

Julie whispered with her face getting flushed with embarrassment.

Lily Bai's eyes widened at Julie. "Come on, Julie! Why can't you be more open to your boyfriend? You're being too prude right now. If you won't ask him, then I'll ask for you!"

Lily Bai's eyes met Carla's. "So hey, I don't mean to be rude, miss, but what's your relationship with Julie's boyfriend?"

Lily Bai was, after all, Julie's best friend. She knew Julie could be some sort of a pushover and wasn't expressive of her feelings. She took it upon herself to be some kind of spokesperson for Julie.

Her sudden question made Carla dumbfounded. Then she broke into a polite smile. "Ah, Mr. Noah is a friend of mine. I was asking him for some information since I am going to a business trip tomorrow at HA City.

Since he comes from there and has a large influence there, I was asking for some information. Maybe he could offer me some help during my stay."

Noah looked at Carla. She didn't tell them the truth that he asked her out. Was she trying to protect him by making up stories?

"Hmph, I see. Looks like you're quite familiar with Mr. Hua, eh? You just called him by his first name. Do you know him well?" Lily Bai pushed on, ignoring Julie's

dly, "Julie, I'll transfer the two properties to you. The BMW will also be yours."

Julie fell back onto her seat when she heard his words. Tears kept on flowing from her widened eyes.

"Noah, please don't do that to me. I promise I won't make the same mistakes again! We have been together for so many years. We have been through so much. Please don't cast me aside because of one mistake," she begged.

Noah slowly turned to look at the teary Julie. She rarely showed him her tears.

"I think I have already told that I am going to that restaurant. Why did you show up when you clearly knew I would be there?"

He spoke coldly.

"Even though you didn't tell Lily to say anything, I know you allowed her to say those things and I bet you were secretly glad. Don't you dare to hide it from me.

Julie, you are still young. With the properties I will give you, you can go find and marry a man who loves you and will give you a happy life. It's over between us. Leave me be."

Once he was finished speaking, he opened the door and got off.

Then he threw the key at the parking valet and started walking to the hotel.

Julie hurriedly got off the car and tried to catch up with him. Her hair was getting messy and her dress was ruined. But she didn't care. She grabbed his hand again, put it on her cheek, and pleaded, "Please. Don't leave me! I'm sorry. Give me another chance. I beg you."

Noah looked at her. He didn't care if the hotel staff were staring and gossiping amongst themselves. He gave her a warm smile and said, "Julie, we are just not meant to be. It's over."

Then he withdrew his hand away from her and walked towards the lift. Julie stood frozen with her hand still slightly outstretching. Her tears flowed as she swallowed down the broken pieces of her heart.

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