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   Chapter 181 Business Travel To HA City

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After ending the call with Terence, Carla kept wondering about what he had said to her.

If Noah approached her with a purpose just as Terence said, then what did he want?

What could he get from her? She was just an ordinary girl.

Carla sensed that Terence was holding something back from her. Things just weren't adding up, and it was becoming more and more evident as time passed that there was definitely something going on.

It was becoming all so overwhelming for her, and her mind was a mess thinking about it all.

'Just forget it! Stop thinking about it, ' she thought to herself, feeling frustrated.

No matter what the secret was, the truth would always managed to surface in the end.

The next morning, when Carla arrived at the company, her desk was already stacked high with work waiting for her to do. She was only slightly injured and didn't want to be the reason to slow everyone else down.

"Carla! The manager wants to see you in his office, now," informed one of her colleagues.

"Okay, I'll be there soon."

Carla put down the order sheets on the desk and headed out towards the manager's office.

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

asked Carla as she pushed the door open. The manager was engrossed in his work behind the desk. When he heard her, he said, "Carla, come in.

Please, have a seat." Manager Zhao placed a thick file in front of Carla he then rested back onto his seat and said, "Carla, there's a package of high standard goods that needs someone to supervise in the factory personally.

I was wondering if it would be convenient for you to take a business trip? The factory is in a newly developed suburban area in HA City. Naturally, the business trip will be subsidized. Can you make it?"

Carla took the file and looked through it. Since she had been working in the company for a while now, she knew the importance that this package of goods had. It needed to be handled with high precision. Any deviation would have a significant influence on the end result.

It had happened several times in the past. However, this time, the order was substantial, so it was needless to say that the company expected to arrange for Carla to have a business trip to make sure everything ran smoothly.

"It won't be long. A week at most. The key is to make sure that their products match our sample products. If there's any problem ask them to fix it and deliver the goods in time," added Manager Zhao.

Carla thought about it and nodded. "Okay, no problem."

Since Sean wasn't at home with her, then she really didn't have an excuse not to accept the offer to go.

"All right. You can leave work earlier today. Go home and pack what you need for the trip, and you will be leaving tomorrow morning. I will send the rest of the details like the address of the factory and th

up and said, "Do you remember the restaurant Gangnam Building in HA City that I told you about? I'll take you there this time."

At the mention of food, Carla couldn't refuse and immediately nodded. She also had other plans brooding in her mind.

The Hua family had so many secrets.

She had just found out that Terence would marry another daughter of the Hua family. Why did it always have something to do with the Hua's?

Only by approaching Noah could Carla finally find out the truth.

So now she changed her attitude and would not refuse Noah anymore. She was curious about what was hidden behind them.

After dinner, Carla went to the bathroom. When she came back, she saw Julie.

She was dining in the next room.

Julie also noticed her and was surprised as she didn't expect to see Carla here.

"Julie? You're here as well. I was wondering why Noah didn't ask you to dine with us," asked Carla as she went to greet her since they had already seen each other.

"Carla? What a coincidence! You're here with— Noah?" Julie stood up from her table and came out of the room, she glanced down the hall, trying to spot where Noah was.

It was apparent by Julie's reaction that she didn't know that Noah was having dinner here with Carla. Carla suddenly felt awkward and self-conscious.

'Why did they both choose to dine at the same restaurant? Or was it just a coincidence?' wondered Carla to herself.

"It's all right. You continue to enjoy your dinner," said Julie looking down at the floor.

"No, wait, Julie!" Carla held her by the arm. She felt terrible that Julie had mistaken her dinner with Noah for something else.

And she didn't want Julie to suffer unnecessarily.

Carla led her in front of their room and pulled the curtain apart. "Hey! Noah, look who I ran into," said Carla, smiling.

Then she pulled Julie into the room with her.

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