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   Chapter 180 A Power-hungry Man

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The place of the wound was a bit embarrassing. Carla had to treat it, or it might become infected. She hurt her back, and the injury was exactly beside the clasps of her bra.

"No, thanks. I'll deal with it by myself." Carla politely declined Noah's offer to help her with blushing cheeks. Taking some cotton swabs and iodine, she went into the cabin and drew the curtain across for privacy.

She took her phone out and pressed the front-facing camera on and leaned it against the wall, so she could see her back. Then she lifted her shirt to deal with the wound.

"Ouch!" She frowned as she fumbled with the clasps.

There was a trickle of blood from the wound down her back, and it hurt so much.

She dipped the cotton swab into the iodine solution and reached up behind her back. Carla clenched her teeth to stop herself from screaming, but she couldn't help let out a painful groan.

Girls are afraid of pain, and Carla was no exception.

"Are you all right? Need a hand?" inquired Noah with concern in his voice. He was waiting on the other side of the curtain.

"No, thanks!" answered Carla in haste. "I can manage it."

If Noah were a woman, she would have let him in to help her without any hesitation. But he wasn't. So she had to keep him at a distance.

Otherwise, it would raise Terence's blood pressure.

But to her surprise, regardless of what she said to him, Noah pushed aside the curtain and strode in towards her.

She was so shocked. 'Didn't he hear what I said?' thought Carla horrified. With eyes as wide as saucers she froze on the spot, not knowing what to do.

Carla was so astonished that she forgot to pull her top down.

Fortunately, Noah could only see her back and nothing more.

"Just be still and don't move around." Noah reached for the cotton swab and dipped it in the iodine solution and gently dabbed at the wound.

He then put a gauze on the bleeding wound.

Noah's breathing was as steady as his hand, and all of his attention was on the wound only.

"Don't be nervous. To me, you're only a little girl, just like my younger sister. I'm not interested in you."

Finally, he had finished taping down the gauze with medical tape and stood to stretch his back. "I'll wait for you outside," said Noah in a low voice.

Then he left.

Carla reached back and touched the gauze gently. She had to admit that she wouldn't have been able to do that on her own. In time the blood and her shirt would have stuck together, making it even more difficult and painful for her.

She sighed with relief. Noah had done nothing except help her treat her wound. In her eyes, he seemed to be an amiable and decent man.

As they came out of the medical stat

side every second so he could keep an eye on her.

"Okay, okay!" Carla replied in haste. "Don't panic, Terence. I got back safe and sound. What's more, you have sent your undercover people to secretly protect me, haven't you?

So everything will be just fine. You have nothing to worry about," Carla said to console him.

"Beware of Noah. He has approached you with some sort of intention. Carla, I mean it. I wish you would come back and stay with me. You'll be much safer by my side. I'll protect you, and nobody can harm you."

Terence tried, again and again, to persuade her to go back to JA City, which was his domain. No matter how powerful Noah was, he wouldn't dare approach her in Terence's presence.

Carla's real identity was like a ticking time bomb. Since Noah knew who she really was, he wouldn't let her go that easily.

"Okay. I understand."

Carla promised him sincerely. Those who were meant to come would come sooner or later. She was ready to face them.

This was her fate. She might run, but she could never hide.

If she were doomed to go through something terrible, she would have to face it with her eyes open, no matter how afraid she was.

"Carla, please. Quit that job and come back to me as soon as possible. I can't live without you. You know that," said Terence with a sigh.

Of course, he was aware of her future.

But he couldn't just sit by and watch her walking step by step toward a hopeless abyss. He was determined to keep her safe, no matter what it would take and what would happen.

However, there will be times that she would have to face things by herself.

'Carla, my beloved girl. You will grow from a little sparrow into a phoenix.

And I'll be with you standing by your side for evermore.' Terence made a silent vow in his heart.

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