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   Chapter 179 An Accident

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After Noah left, Carla breathed a sigh of relief. She always felt intimidated by him. She always had this feeling that something would go wrong.

She then scratched her hair. 'Is the juice really expired?' she wondered.

She opened the refrigerator and took out the box of juice. Noah was right. However, what astonished Carla was that the juice was only one day past due. How could he tell the difference?

There was one more thing that concerned her.

He wanted her to be his tourist guide?

Even though she had lived in BH City for so many years, she didn't feel confident enough to be anyone's guide.

Soon enough, Sunday came.

Noah called her right on time at 8 o'clock in the morning.

"Are you ready? I'm already downstairs," Noah plainly stated on the phone.

Carla was still putting on her shoes when she answered, "All right! I'm almost ready. I'll be there soon!" Carla stumbled upon her words.

When she came downstairs, she saw that Noah was wearing a gym suit while he was waiting for her, next to his Land Rover.

He opened the door of the passenger's seat for Carla as soon as he saw her.

Carla had intended to sit on the backseat to create some distance away from him. But with his gesture, she had no choice but to sit next to him.

After they both got inside the car, Carla looked at the vacant backseat and asked, "Isn't Julie going to join us?" She waited for him to respond. When he didn't say anything, she continued, "You see, I'm not really that fun to be around with. You'll get bored with me soon enough. I think you're going to have a lot of fun with her."

As he drove the car, Noah finally spoke, "She has other things to deal with."

Carla nodded. In her mind, she was dreading the thought that Julie might hate her even more after today. She could tell that Julie didn't like her in the past since Noah paid too much attention to her.

She didn't want to officially become one of Julie's enemies, but things were out of her control that day.

Their destination that day was the most famous tourist spot in BH City—the Dragon Temple.

It was said that in ancient times there had been a Dragon King in the ocean that protected the people of BH City. Therefore, the people that lived there constructed a temple to worship and pay respect to the Dragon King. Up until that day, people would come to the temple to pay tribute to the said king.

The temple was located on a beautiful mountain. As time went by, it had become not only a ritual site but also a popular tourist spot. Many tourists were attracted by its fascinating scenery and the history behind it.

Carla didn't think that she could offer much help during their journey since most of the time they could just simply enjoy the sights by themselves. She showed Noah and his four clients around the mountain and made a brief introduction of its history and stories.

Her introduction was vivid and interesting because she had lived in BH City for so many years. When she was young, she had visited the place for so many times. The place had fascinated her since the first time she went there. It actually came as a surprise to her that she was having a lot of fun sharing the place to a f

ought to herself.

If he had planned it, he would have just killed the man once and for all. Or he would have made it perfect enough that Carla would never suspect him.

He wouldn't stoop so low as to send a man to harass her.

Carla was convinced by his explanation. She rubbed her back and figured that Noah was not the kind of person to use dirty tricks.

They went back inside together. Noah noticed there were several people not far away hiding behind the trees. He turned around and looked at Carla who was massaging her back. Some thoughts started to brew in his mind.

He had noticed them when he had arrived here.

They seemed to mean no harm to Carla. Instead, they looked like they were protecting her.

So, even if he hadn't helped Carla, someone would have kept her safe.

"Is it bad? Do you need me to check it?" Noah stopped and asked her. She had been pressing her back for a while now.

Carla shook her head immediately. She forced a smile and assured him, "I'm all right. It'll be fine sometime later."

She removed her hand from her back and continued to walk.

As soon as Carla passed by him, Noah took a closer look at her back and frowned. No wonder her face was crumpled painfully. There was blood on her clothes.

Her clothes were dark so he didn't notice it immediately.

Noah caught up to Carla and grabbed her wrist. "You have to deal with this injury. I saw a small medical station not far away when we came here today. You have to get your back checked."

Noah did not let go of her wrist and instead placed his other arm on her waist to assist her in walking. He called his clients and told them to wait for them.

"I'm fine, Noah! I'm here to be your tourist guide. You don't have to take care of me. It's better to be with your clients. I will go to the doctor myself!"

Carla tried to convince him

but Noah just ignored her. They went through a shortcut and soon they arrived at a small medical station.

The medical station was set up for sudden illnesses or injury like for tourists.

After they arrived, they found out that there was only one male nurse on duty inside.

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