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   Chapter 178 The Expired Juice (Part Two)

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he proceeded to drive the car away from the reeds and back onto the usual road again.

It was just at that moment when Carla was finally able to let out a sigh of relief. Letting go of the handrail on the roof of his car, Carla spoke, "Mr. Noah..."

"Why are you calling me Mr. Noah? Stop it with the formalities. Please just go ahead and call me by my name, Noah," Noah abruptly interrupted her.

"Well, Noah, If I'm completely being honest, you almost scared half the life out of me with what you did just now," Carla admitted, resting her hand on her chest, trying to calm herself down.

"Would you mind telling me what made you fall for Terence?" Noah pried.

That was one question she wasn't expecting him to ask. She was simply staring blankly into space, at such a loss for words after hearing what Noah had just said.

"Is it because he is the heir to one of the wealthiest families of JA City? Or could it possibly because of the way he looks? Tell me, what kind of magic did he use to thaw your heart?" Noah continued prying even further.

At that point, Carla simply shook her head.

"Definitely not. The first time we met, he was still a nobody, helplessly running around the street. Back then, he had nothing to his name and I didn't have a clue whatsoever that he was actually from a wealthy family. I'm aware that you're still trying to do something about it, but it's Terence who wishes to call off the engagement. It's out of my hands,"

Carla exclaimed, taking in a deep breath.

Noah gave her a quick glance but didn't say a word. The road they were taking was now heading toward the direction of Carla's house.

He seemed to have taken the route that would directly lead to her home. And soon enough, they arrived at her place and he park

s city. If you want, I can introduce her to you so that you can have a professional come along."


Carla took out her cell phone with the intention of searching for her former classmate's phone number. Without warning, Noah stood up, walked over closer toward her

and seized hold of the cell phone she was holding.

"I'm not just some bad guy scheming something and I don't mean you any harm. Why do you still keep on doubting me? Because you seem to be so scared out of your wits, I feel the need to prove that I'm not the person you're making me out to be. That's why... I promise in the name of the Hua family, I won't do anything to hurt you. Please give me a chance just this once, okay? The way you're acting is really driving me crazy."

That being said, Noah then placed her cell phone on the coffee table next to him. "Let's just set an appointment for now. I'll drop by to come pick you up here at eight in the morning this coming Sunday.

Thanks for the juice. Although, I think it's already somewhat past its expiration date."

Upon commenting that, Noah took just one good hard look at Carla before turning around walking toward the door to leave.

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