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   Chapter 177 The Expired Juice (Part One)

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Bonnie despised Carla so much to the point that she resorted to hiring gunmen to abduct her.

Noah was Bonnie's elder brother and the eldest of the four Hua siblings. Needless to say, being next to him made Carla feel so uneasy.

The hand that Noah reached out to Carla was shaking. Realizing that Carla suddenly went on the defensive, he let out a soft smile on that lean and handsome face of his.

Taking a small step forward, he looked down at Carla, seeming to be in a state of shock. "Carla, even though Bonnie is my sister, we are totally different. I'm not like her. You don't have to keep your guard up when you're around me. Whatever it is that happened between you and my sister won't affect our friendship."

After saying that in an attempt to reassure her that she could trust him, Noah grabbed onto her arm and snatched the heavy bag from her hand, then he walked over to his Land Rover which was parked just across the road.

He placed the bag right in the back seat of his car and, just like any gentleman would, he opened the door of the front passenger seat for her.

Noah could see as bright as day that Carla was still so hesitant about getting into his car or not, so he nudged her to get in and carefully closed the door.

"Mr. Noah, I'm not sure... Oh, my God!" Before she could finish what she was trying to say, Noah suddenly hit the ignition without warning. She was so startled that she couldn't hold herself back from screaming.

As it turned out, he was a bit upset. Despite the fact that it wasn't literally written on his face that he was angry, she was somehow able to sense it.

She had no clue why Noah could possibly be mad.

'If he wasn't really happy to see me, then he can just ignore me for all I care!' Carla thought.

She took a deep breath once she got used to his driving spe

"Mr. Noah, do you have any reason to try to kill me?

Are you perhaps blaming me for getting in the way of your family's plans?"

Carla's thoughtless question caused Noah's eyes to darken and his teeth to clutch lightly. He then turned and fixated his eyes upon her. Although, before he could begin to say anything, she added, "I know everyone in your family might have gotten so upset when they found out that Terence had broken off the engagement with Bonnie. But... but that decision was not mine to make. I don't have any say on that matter. I don't think I'm the one that you should blame for it."

Terence didn't love Bonnie, he never really did. That being said, even if Carla never came to his life, he probably still wouldn't have agreed to the engagement.

Rolling down the window, Noah stretched out his hand to flick the ash off his cigar. Before giving her any form of response, he took another puff of smoke from it.

"I've already said a few times before that I'm not mad and I won't ever be mad at you just because of what became of Bonnie. And yet here you go still doubting me."

When he was finally done smoking his cigar, Noah flicked it outside the window on the side of the road, and then

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