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   Chapter 175 Did You Miss Me

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Terence's eyes grew wide and knocked over the camera with his pen. "Don't just show up like that. I know you are skilful enough to hack into my computer. You can scare people at night!"

Bryant scratched his head while he chuckled.

"I thought it was you last time! I mean, you don't usually allow anyone into your study. I didn't expect it to be Miss Carla..."

Bryant hastily explained his mistake from the last time.

"Fine. Go. What do you have for me this time?" Terence asked. He leaned against his chair and fiddled with the pen he picked up from his table.

"Look, here's the problem. When I started to investigate into Miss Carla, I found that Noah had already started an investigation before me. And York, the second son of the Hua family, also seemed to know something."

Bryant continued, "Allen's health is getting worse by the minute. That's also why he has deployed more people to find Miss Carla. His sons are eager to find her right now. That is also why I need to remind you to take good care of your woman!"

Terence froze at what Bryant just shared with him. It took him a few seconds before he fidgeted with the pen in his hand and replied, "Okay, yeah, got it."

The more his sons tried to covered the truth, the sooner Allen would know of Carla's existence.

It looked like Carla's family secret would be revealed and exposed soon.

In the BH City, after Carla arrived home from work, she remembered that Terence once placed cameras in different areas of her house.

She rolled up her sleeves and searched for the cameras in every nook and cranny in her house.

She needed to dismantle all of them.

But she couldn't find a single camera. Where were they? Where could Terence have installed them? But then, she recalled someone changed the bulbs for her.

Carla went back to her bedroom. She stood on a chair to remove the bulb from the ceiling light. As expected, there was a pinhole camera inside it.

She checked the lights again one by one and found all the cameras. Carla exhaled a sigh of relief when she found the last one. Finally, some privacy!

At the Seaview Villa in JA City, Terence returned to his bedroom and turned on the CCTV system on his tablet like he always did. But this time, all he could see was static. He checked the camera in Carla's living room and it was the same static.

He set his tablet on the desk, and his b

e and she needed to get up early to attend to pile of work in the morning.

At a little before 5 in the morning, small noises jolted Carla up and away from her beautiful dream. She heard someone sneak into her home.

She lived alone so she had already trained herself to stay alert to any little noise.

Carla kept her eyes closed but she knew someone was already there and they were coming closer. She slid her hand under her pillow and grasped the wooden stick underneath.

The stick was heavy and long and made a very useful weapon to drive away any thief. That was the main reason she bought it.

She hurled the stick at the intruder with a scream but a familiar hand grasped it tight. She looked up and discovered Terence in her bedroom. Terence took the stick away from Carla and shouted, "Carla, stop! It's me! And why do you have a stick under your bed?"

Carla exhaled the breath she held when she swung the stick. She was relieved to hear Terence's voice and not have to confront a thief.

"Terence, are you crazy? Why are you sneaking inside? Were you trying to scare me?" Carla yelled and threw a pillow at him.

She always needed to be prepared, in case of another kidnapping.

She was alone in a big house and she didn't feel safe staying there by herself. How could she fall asleep without being prepared?

Terence placed the stick on the table, safe from everyone. When he turned around to face Carla, she had already gotten up and threw herself into his arms.

He smiled at her beautiful face and embraced her tightly.

"Did you miss me?" he asked Carla.

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