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   Chapter 174 Carla Left

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A stiff smile appeared on Carla's face. She closed her legs subconsciously and moved farther along the seat. "We're still in the car! It's inconvenient now— Let's talk about it when we get back home, okay?" she proposed carefully.

Even though they had agreed that only Carla would decide when they could have sex, Terence never followed the rules nor listened to her.

He wanted her several times every day. Once he got the urge, he was content to keep her in bed for the whole day. No matter how much she opposed it.

"How can it be inconvenient? Don't you remember our first time? It was also in the car, and you enjoyed it!" Terence smiled with his bedroom eyes that were full of longing and desire. He leaned down, but Carla saw him coming on top of her. So she raised one leg against his chest to stop him. "Terence, you can't do this. Let's make a deal. You can only have me once a day and no more! Otherwise, I can't bear it!" she complained.

She was exhausted and sore all over. She couldn't remember how many times they had made love since last night.

Terence grabbed her ankle and lifted her leg up onto one side of his shoulders. He grinned down at her. "Carla, do you like this position?"

Carla rolled her eyes at him and turned away. "Don't try to push me. I'm serious. If you really can't control yourself, then let's sleep apart! We can't always be together," Carla said, feeling frustrated.

She couldn't bear much more of this. If she indulged him with sex, their whole lives together would be full of it.

"Don't even think about it. I'll never let you sleep alone." Finally, Terence gave in. He caressed her cheek and said, "All right. I'm letting you off this time. But you can't turn me down tonight."

He didn't want her to think that he would accept her deal.

Carla groaned reluctantly when she heard that he would have his way with her again tonight. She tried to remove her leg from his shoulders but failed.

She got angry with him and raised her other leg to kick him away.

However, Terence gripped both of her legs without any effort.

"I've changed my mind. I'm going to have you here and now. Who knows what you will do tonight to refuse me." Terence smiled wickedly. He pulled the curtain aside and had a look outside. 'Good, we're still miles away from home, ' he thought.

"You dare!"

Carla seethed in a threatening voice.

Terence chuckled. "You'll see." Terence closed the curtain and leaned down to kiss her lips—

When they finally arrived at the villa, it was late in the evening.

Carla was sore all over, and she could barely move. However, she didn't want anybody to notice her embarrassment. So she refused Terence's help and struggled to finish dinner with Sean.

She went to her room soon after and locked the door behind her.

As soon as she lay in bed, she fell asleep imme

o play around the home.

She cleaned the room and turned everything back on and then went to bed and had a good nights rest.

The next day she went to the company.

She planned to resign some time later. They were short of staff at the moment, and she couldn't find it in herself to leave right now.

But she had already made up her mind to leave BH City.

After all, she couldn't leave Sean alone forever in JA City.

Time flew by very fast. A week had passed in the blink of an eye. Carla had been very busy since she had returned. All she had time for was work and home. She worked from morning till late in the evening, and by the time she had arrived home, she was exhausted.

During that whole week, she only had calls from Sean.

Terence had completely ignored her.

Carla knew that she was at fault. So every night before she went to bed she would send him a message and share some exciting things that she did. Sometimes she was so tired, and all she sent him was a goodnight message.

Even though Terence never replied, she was sure that he read all of her messages.

She was right.

Terence did check her messages every day. Sometimes he would have to wait until late for her message when she was late from work to send it. He would read her message several times before he went to bed.

He wasn't really mad at her. When she left so suddenly, his ego was bruised a little, and he loved her so much that he wished to spend every possible second with her. He didn't want to hurt her no matter what she did.

Even though he had treated her coldly several days ago because she misunderstood his relationship with Bonnie, he didn't mean to hurt her feelings for real. After all, she didn't know the truth behind it all.

"Mr. Terence, you're not sleeping yet?"

When Terence was sitting at his desk thinking about Carla, Bryant's face popped up on the computer screen.

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