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   Chapter 172 Be In The Limelight (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5797

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Johnny was dumbfounded by Carla's bold advice.

'You are just a woman. How dare you challenge me like that? How demeaning!'

He sneered on the horseback. "I won't compete with a woman," Johnny said contemptuously, deciding to dismount from the horse instantly.

"Well, does it mean that you look down upon women? Or is it just an excuse for you to save your face from being defeated by a woman?" Carla said with a sly smile on her face. She was quite self-confident at this moment.

In fact, she was genuinely interested in horse racing and was eager to have a try. She wanted to compete with Terence initially, but later she gave up the idea thinking of the possibility that Terence might conceal his ability and let her win. If so, it would end up being a boring game.

Hearing this, Johnny shot a weird glance at Carla. 'Um-hmm, you haughty woman, how dare you provoke me?'

"Haha, what a wild mare your girlfriend is! Terence, I guess you should hold the reins and discipline your girlfriend. She is way too naughty!"

Terence looked at Carla lovingly. "Come on, Johnny! Don't be so boring. Now that Carla is so enthusiastic in it, why don't you compete with her? Don't take it seriously. Just have some fun! You won't be so mean and turn it down, will you?"

Terence tried every last weapon in his arsenal to fulfil Carla's dream. He didn't want to disappoint her. It was OK if she lost the game. After all, Johnny was an expert in horse riding. It was understandable and comprehensible if Carla was no match for him eventually.

On the other hand, if she won the game luckily, it would be a big surprise and everyone would think highly of Carla and him. It was a win-win situation for all.

Terence's words left

a woman. Just take it easy." Carla smiled, trying strenuously to distract his attention. She leaned forward, held the reins and waited for the right moment to surpass him.

Johnny raised his eyebrow apprehensively. He couldn't help staring at her, this time with fear of defeat. 'How could she really keep pace with me? She must have been adequately trained!' Her face beamed with a shallow smile. It seemed that she didn't care about the result of the game after all.

"Haha, I have to go first. Bye!"

Carla suddenly snapped the reins and sped up, cruising toward the finishing line hastily.

Johnny didn't want to admit defeat. He also sped up the horse using his excellent riding skills.

"Yeah! I win!"

The front hoof of Carla's horse crossed the finish line, and Carla won by a narrow margin. She loosed the reins and waved to Terence excitedly.

Terence quickly walked toward his excited girlfriend, put his arms around her waist, and gently lifted her down from the horseback.

The moment her feet touched the ground, Terence lifted her chin and kissed her keeping the entire crowd as witnesses, happiness radiating from his eyes.

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