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   Chapter 171 Horse Racing

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"Mr. Kelvin, do you know my girlfriend?"

Terence dismounted from the horse and approached Carla with a box of fruit in his hand. He handed it to Carla and said, "This is for you."

Carla accepted it and glanced at his sullen face. 'He is jealous!' Carla thought.

Kelvin gaped at Terence. Shocked, he was unable to say a word.

"Er... Mr. Terence! What a surprise to see you here. So Miss Ji is your girlfriend? No wonder! She is extraordinarily beautiful and outstanding. It's my honor to meet you here!"

Kelvin flattered her as soon as he came to himself. It was obvious that he was embarrassed.

Just then, a voice called out to them, "Kelvin, why haven't you chosen a horse?"

A man came over from a stable near them.

Carla turned to the direction of the voice and saw an impressive face. She couldn't help herself from sighing. JA City was really a place of greatness that nurtured so many handsome men. Even though Kelvin was not exceptionally handsome, he spoke beautifully.

The man approached them on top of a brown horse. He was gorgeous. He had a pair of cold, starry eyes that could send people who see them in awe. His lips were thin and had a charming shape. Carla could tell from his appearance that he was a ruthless man.

It reminded Carla of her 'handsome men list'. The men in the top three of her list were all graceful and handsome.

The first one, of course, was Terence. If she labeled them with royal positions, Terence would be listed as the noble prince.

The next one was Noah. He was crafty and cunning. She would list him as the King's hand.

The third one was the man in front of her. It was the first time that Carla had seen anyone who was both aggressive and handsome. He was like a general who had slaughtered thousands of enemies in the battlefield.


Carla cried in a small voice. Someone pinched her at the waist! Terence was obviously displeased when she became absent-minded when the man showed up.

She was only curious about this man, nothing more!

Johnny glanced at the girl next to Terence. She was obviously entranced with him. He grinned at her coldly. He was not surprised because the admiration from almost all women was the most common thing in his life.

'Easy girl!' he thought.

"Terence. Haven't seen you for a long time!" Johnny greeted while reigning his horse.

Terence stared at Johnny. He was his arch enemy from childhood. They had been competing with eac

he saw Carla leave with the horse. It was the first time that a woman rode that horse.

What a brave woman!

Terence had just finished with the horse race. He turned around when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

Wearing a black helmet, a slim figure riding a strong and tall horse galloped out from the stable.

Carla looked tiny in contrast with the brawny horse. She looked so attractive in that moment for conquering a fiery steed even though she was so small.

"What? The competition is over? Who won? Tell me!"

Carla rushed to them and asked. She was so upset because she did not witness how it ended.

Terence was amazed when he saw her on a horse but he couldn't help but worry. However when he saw her experienced movements, he was relived. He reminder her, "Carla, be careful!"

He didn't stop her

because he saw that she was really enjoying it. It also looked as if she could protect herself.

"Johnny won," Terence replied casually.

Victory and defeat were both common in a competition.

He could have won against Johnny but when he got near the end of the race, he looked back at Carla. He wanted to share the glorious moment with her. However, he did not find her sitting on the bench. He got distracted for a little bit and because of that, Johnny took the opportunity and went past him.

He decided not to tell her that though. He was lost and he didn't want to look like he was trying and find excuses for that.

Carla turned to Johnny who looked as if he was unwilling to talk to her. She asked, "Mr. Johnny, since Terence lost to you, how about we have a race between the two of us?"

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