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   Chapter 169 I Want To Ride A Horse (Part One)

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Up on her feet and carefully staying still on the staircase, Carla glanced down at Terence. She then forced out a cough and rested her hand on her flat midriff, acting as if she were expectant.

"What do you think you're doing there just standing still? Get up here and hold my hand while I go down the stairs. If I accidentally fall, it might be bad for our baby."

Just a couple of minutes beforehand, Terence actually went ahead and told his father that Carla was carrying his baby.

Upon hearing that, Terence instantly knew that she was pulling his leg. Feeling quite amused, he couldn't help but burst into laughter as he walked up toward her to offer his hand and assist her carefully as she went down the stairs. "All I said was imply that he'll be having a grandson soon enough. It's not like I literally told him you're already pregnant now. It was just that my father interpreted it the wrong way. He just took it at face value when I told him about his grandson."

As soon as she came downstairs, Carla immediately headed for the kitchen to grab a bottle of yogurt from the fridge and enjoy it on the sofa. "But your father already thinks that's what you really meant to say. Sooner or later, he's bound to figure out that you lied to him. For now, what do you plan to do about it? I'm dead sure he'll be so pissed when he finds out."

"We'll just deal with it when the time comes. If nothing else, at least we can be at ease for the next couple of months without having to worry about it." Terence remarked, lounging right beside Carla.

Carla's legs were feeling quite sore, so she hoisted them up and rested them on Terence's knees, leaning against the sofa while holding a pillow. As she leisurely drank the sour but sugary yogurt she stated, "Give it maybe three or four months, he'll be onto us and realize that I'm not pregna

d have some fun with him.

She was dying to finally do something leisurely outdoors, but her body disagreed and was convincing her not to go.

Terence's teasing abruptly came to a halt upon seeing Carla looking a bit down in the dumps. "Fine. You can come with me. But when we arrive there, make sure not to walk around the area. Just have a seat somewhere and appreciate the view, okay?"

'In any case, I would need to ask Nathan to bring us in the RV. If we do that, she'd be able to squeeze in some time to rest on our way there.

When we arrive, I have to be certain that she'll only be going for walks as little as possible. Anyway, she can just lounge around and enjoy the view. That way, she won't risk getting herself exhausted," Terence thought, carefully laying out his plans.

Being quite pleased that she was able to convince Terence to let her go, Carla simply smiled at him and bobbed her head to everything he said.

That afternoon, when they finally arrived at the racecourse, Carla felt so contented to be able to come alongside Terence.

It seemed as if the green grass extended far into the horizon. The horses were visibly in high spirits. And the atmosphere just felt so relaxing and invigorating.

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