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   Chapter 168 The Most Serious Way To Be Unfilial Is To Produce No Heir

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7822

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Terence's father must have come here to interrogate him about Bonnie.

But how could Terence explain how things went to his father?

Carla sensed that Terence's father was a very strict man, especially towards Terence, and that he was not as easy-going as Terence's grandfather.

"I knew it,"

Terence uttered. He took a few bites unhurriedly before he placed his chopsticks on his plate.

"Carla, maybe you should take a little break for now. I'll be back soon," Terence suggested. He got up and out of the room before Carla could reply.

Carla dragged herself out of bed and quickly got dressed before she followed Terence out the door.

At the dining room, Edmund poured himself a cup of Pu'erh tea while he studied Terence, who sat across the table in front of him.

"What are your next plans? Tell me now," Edmund demanded as he breathed in the scent of the tea. Being a tea lover for decades, Edward always had a cup of tea during confrontations to accompany him.

Terence wasn't in the mood for tea and politely declined when Edmund offered him a cup.

"Father, you traveled a long way and that is all you have to say?"

Edmund placed the cup on its saucer before he faced Terence. "You promised this family that you would definitely marry the daughter of the Hua family," Edmund snorted. "And what have you done?

You drove her to another man's bed!"

"Father, that was not my fault. Don't blame that on me," Terence defended himself.

"Well, son, Bonnie would not have run to another man if you had treated her well. So yes, you are still to blame. She doesn't want to be with you anymore because she knows your heart is just for Carla and it made her feel jealous all the time,"

Edmund fumed. He blamed Terence but he also blamed Carla.

If Terence had treated Bonnie the way a man treated his fiancee, he would obviously have won Bonnie's heart.

A lot of people blamed Bonnie for being disloyal to Terence. But Edmund knew the truth. He knew everything and he knew this wasn't Bonnie's fault.

"Father, I had just gotten engaged to Bonnie. And a few days later, she had already gotten lonely and climbed into another man's bed? If we hadn't called it off, who's to say she won't do that again?" Terence sneered and told Edmund, "My dear father, do you really want me to become a pushover?"

epare yourself to be a grandfather, alright? My brothers and I will take good care of the family business and our family legacy. Stop worrying about it."

Edmund found himself speechless. With a look of doubt on his face, he asked, "Terence, you're telling me the truth, right? She is really pregnant with my grandson?"

Terence crossed his arms and maintained eye contact with Edmund. "Father, why do you doubt my abilities? The same abilities that you taught me. We're together everyday these days. What do you expect?"

Edmund couldn't speak.

A few minutes later, Edmund relented and said, "Fine. Do whatever you want. But remind that girl to maintain a low profile. No one else can know about this."

Edmund finally gave in.

After all, to produce an heir was the purpose of the marriage anyway.

The dice was cast and Terence wanted to marry her only. There really was nothing Edmund could do or say to change that. He couldn't force him now to marry another girl from a noble family, could he?

And Edmund was also afraid of his father, who cared greatly about Terence.

So he finally gave in and let Terence do whatever he wanted.

Terence exhaled a sigh of relief when his father left.

He stayed glued to the spot he took when his father left and thought, 'I will continue this lie as long as I can. I just need time, time to prepare everything before I can finally expose Carla's true identity.'

Terence finally moved and turned to join Carla upstairs, when he caught sight of her, at the top of the stairs, her eyes on him.

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