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   Chapter 167 Carla, Please Let Me

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10106

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"Mr. Terence, I bought the things you asked for. I didn't know which one you prefer so I just bought everything..."

Nathan explained as he took out boxes from the black tote bag. He continued, "These are the biggest sizes and these are for women. And these two are special; one is for emergency and the other is for long periods of time."

Terence watched Nathan intently before he said, "It seems like you know a lot. I just asked you to buy a box of condom, but you bought so many."

He asked Nathan to buy some because he only had a few spare ones left. He didn't expect him to buy so much.

Nathan was slightly taken back and responded, "Mr. Terence, it's not that I know a lot; it's just that you're too late in knowing about all of this."

Terence laughed as he said, "I'm not like you. I'm only dedicated to one."

Nathan just shrugged off his shoulders and didn't argue any further.

Terence was one of the few men with integrity that he knew. For that, Nathan admired him a lot.

Terence kept to himself for twenty-eight years until his true love finally came.

"What is this?"

Terence suddenly asked when he saw a purple box the size of his palm in the bottom of the plastic bag.

Terence tried to grab it but Nathan immediately pushed his hand away. Nathan explained, "Mr. Terence, check it out later. For now, you should take a rest. I should also leave."

Terence didn't inquire further and went back to his room carrying the bag.

The moment he entered his room, it so happened that Carla was coming out of the bathroom. "What is that?" Carla asked as she stared at the black bag Terence was carrying.

"It's nothing," Terence nervously stated. Then, he hid the bag behind him and walked towards the bed.

Carla adjusted the bath towel that was covering her as she watched Terence who was acting very mysteriously. Then she covered her wet hair and approached him really quietly. Trying to make as little noise as possible, she tiptoed her way towards him.

She saw Terence put several boxes into a hidden drawer at the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing? Do you have to be so mysterious? I know that's just boxes of condoms,"

Carla unexpectedly exclaimed.

Terence was surprised and he immediately looked at her. Seeing that she was about to approach him, he looked at the bag and saw that there were still some boxes left in it. He quickly poured everything carelessly into the drawer.

If they were just condoms, it would not be a big deal, but Nathan bought something else on his own will.

Terence had no idea what it was earlier until it dawned on him what it could be.

It was no wonder that Nathan didn't want him to see it earlier. When everything was in the drawer, he stood up as fast as he could and pretended not to hear what Carla had just said.

But Carla was naturally a curious person. She wouldn't let it go so easily. Terence tried to grab her but she was fast and made it past him. Without a second glance at Terence, she pulled out the drawer

it was hard to get it back.

He was getting a little scared that Carla wouldn't be able to sleep well for the next few years. Somehow, the thought made him smile unconsciously.

When lunch was delivered a few hours later, Carla was still lying on the bed, so Terence woke her up. For a little while, Carla just tossed and turned. She still wanted to sleep more.

When Carla could finally keep her eyes open, Terence took a towel to wipe her face and hands carefully, doting on her like a child.

"Carla, open your mouth," Terence softly told her.

She was still drowsy and could barely move a muscle. When she saw Terence feeding her with a spoon, she was suddenly wide awake and she immediately stood up.

"No, I'll eat by myself," Carla insisted. She didn't want to be spoiled like a child, so she took the spoon and got out of the bed.

As soon as her feet touched the floor, Terence helped her up.

"Why don't you let me feed you?" Terence whispered into her ears as he carried her onto the sofa.

He knew that Carla had no strength to do anything at the moment. He immediately knew when he touched her arm and it felt like it had no bones.

Carla could only stare at him. She sat on Terence's lap and couldn't get up. Meanwhile, Terence held her waist tightly.

He reclaimed the spoon from her and picked up some food from the bowl. He held it up onto her mouth.

Carla deliberately ate in a careless manner, getting rice all over his clothes.

Terence seemed not to care. He just added food to her bowl, watching her eat. When she finished, he took a wet tissue to wipe her mouth.

And then he took her back to the bed.

When he settled her, Terence began to eat his own meal.

As soon as he finished his meal, Rainer came in the room running and exclaimed, "Mr. Terence, your father is here. He's waiting for you in the living room."

Hearing the news, Carla was surprised and she immediately looked at Terence.

'What is his father doing here?' Carla thought to herself.

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