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   Chapter 166 Remember That My Family Name Is Ji (Part Two)

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But Carla still didn't agree though and tried persuading him once more, "Sean, the boys look much more handsome whenever they're playing the piano. It's a sure-fire way of grabbing a girl's attention. As for basketball, I honestly think you're already playing it quite well. Are you really sure you don't want to learn something different such as the piano?"

Carla was acting just like any other typical parent would. Of course, they would support their children and let them learn what they liked. Even though Sean was just her brother, there was still a part of her that wished for him to learn something she was passionate about. Ever since she was a little girl, she had always been amused by watching the boys play the piano. There was just something about it that seemed to have charmed her.

Be that as it may, Sean couldn't help rolling his eyes at his sister. "Carla, I'm just ten years old. Don't you think it's still a bit too soon for me to think about stuff like how to dazzle the girls? Apart from that, if you're really that fond of the piano, why don't you just have your own child learn how to play it? You're bound to have one eventually, right?

And aren't you forgetting that Terence is an extremely good piano player? That should be enough for you."

The minute he was done spouting that nonsense (to Carla's point-of-view anyway), Carla was evidently raging with anger.

'This and that are two different things! I just sincerely believe it would be much more awesome to learn the piano instead of some sport. Am I wrong to think that?' Carla said to herself.

As anyone might have expected, Terence was on Sean's side on this one. With tears in his eyes as he desperately tried holding back his chuckle, his face broke into a smile and said to Carla, "Carla, Sean is right. Don't you think so, too? It wouldn't be right to force him to do something he doesn't like. If you truly like the piano that much, then we can just ask our child to learn how to play in the future."

Glancing over to Sean, he reassured him, "Don't you worry. Since you like playing basketball a lot, I'm going to hire a tutor for you right after we're done having dinner."

Beaming with so much pleasure and satisfaction, Sean hunched up and gave Terence a high-five. "Apparently, women won't ever be able to get how we feel," Sean concluded.

Not taking kindly to what Sean had just said, Carla raised her hand a little bit and playfully slapped the side of his head.

"You're still just a ten-year-old boy! You're not even a teenager yet, for goodness' sake! Stop spouting that nonsense and just finish eating

te. At the very least, they always appeared to be high-spirited.

"Actually, I've never really enjoyed serving in the army. Bearing that in mind, there's really no reason for me to give off the aura of being someone from the military, aren't there?" Terence retorted, taking a sip from the bottled water and fixating his eyes on the coast far from where they were standing.

He might not have been fond of contributing to the army, but that didn't necessarily mean he didn't like serving his country. The only reason he had was that he truly believed it wasn't right to solve conflicts by using violence.

Upon hearing his answer, Carla stopped asking any follow-up questions. It was at that moment that she was finally able to wrap her mind around the reason why he was able to stealthily slip from the watchful eyes of his numerous enemies. On top of that, he was actually much lighter on his feet compared to any typical person.

Deep in thought trying to take all of that in, she realized that

everything made sense once she found out that he had at least gotten some sort of training while he was still in the army.

When she was finally done catching her breath, Carla sprinted around the track two more times. After getting some good strenuous activities, she then headed back to the villa and went straight upstairs intending to have a quick bath to rinse off the sweat before going to bed.

Upon getting a whiff of her scent and smelling the sweat from all that running, Carla immediately rushed toward the bathroom inside her bedroom.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, carrying a black tote bag in his hand, Nathan walked closer toward Terence as he was standing motionless beside the window, staring at the beautiful night sky.

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