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   Chapter 164 Chpater The Hua Family Has More Than One Daughter

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9973

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When Bonnie saw Noah approaching, she was fearful and ashamed. She had spontaneously hidden behind Terence and didn't want to face any of her family members, especially her brother, Noah.

"Mr. Terence. I am sorry for what has happened. I'm here to take Bonnie back home. It's our fault that this shameful thing has happened. It seems that we have spoiled her too much. I only hope that you can find it within yourself to pardon what Bonnie has done, for the sake of our two families!"

As Noah spoke, he made his way towards Bonnie and reached out to pull her from behind Terence's back.

"Noah, no! I won't go! I don't want to call off the engagement! Please!" Bonnie cried out. She pleaded desperately and struggled to free herself from Noah's tight grip that was around her wrist.

Noah frowned and scolded, "That's enough, Bonnie! Have you no shame? How can you even mention your engagement to Mr. Terence?

You will come home now and think about all the damage that you have caused!"

Noah pulled her to him and pushed her behind his back. He bowed solemnly to Terence. "Mr. Terence, I apologize for my sister's unacceptable behavior. I'm sincerely sorry for what has happened. This is our fault. I'm going to take her home, and she will be punished. After her mind clears, she will apologize to you in person, next time."

Once Noah had finished talking, he glanced at Carla, who was standing on the staircase.

He then grabbed Bonnie, turned on his heels, and abruptly left.

Noah forced Bonnie to get into his car.

"Noah, why didn't you help me? Yes, What I did was wrong. But Terence betrayed me first. Why do you all only blame me now? It's so unfair!" Bonnie cried hysterically.

"Foolish woman!"

Noah snapped coldly. "Bonnie, Terence is a man. The fact that he has a mistress doesn't harm his reputation. Besides, do you have any proof of his affair? You're different! You are the daughter of the Hua family. A high born lady. Your scandalous behavior is a disgrace to our house! How can a prominent house, like the An family, accept you into their home now? Let it all go!"

Bonnie sobbed. She refused to accept the result that their engagement would be called off.

"Have a good look at these pictures! They're all from that bastard, Yves' cell phone! How dare you go to Terence and ask him for forgiveness!"

Noah reprimanded and threw the cell phone to her. Then he started the car and left Terence's Seaview Villa.

Bonnie picked up the phone with trembling hands. She swallowed a lump in her throat and pressed to open the file. To her horror, she saw the sex video and naked pictures of her having sex with Yves. It was obvious from the angle that the photographs and video were taken, that Yves was the one who took them.

She was shaking because of how furious she felt.

Bonnie didn't expect that Yves would ruin her life for the second time. She would be pleased to see him dead right now.

"But Noah, why do you have the video

htly, unmindful of his bleeding arm. He didn't let go of her no matter how she struggled and cursed.

"Terence An! Let go of me! I swear I'll tear you apart if you don't let me go! You're such a jerk!" Carla tried everything she could to resist. However, she was still tightly wrapped in Terence's embrace.

"Go ahead. I'm not letting you go even if you tear me to shreds," Terence whispered, while he still held Carla tightly in his arms.

Carla only bit him because she was deeply hurt by his words and how candid he was about it. It was a bit of frenzied attack. She could never hurt him on purpose, for she cared too much for him.

"All right. Stop it. You're bleeding. You should get that cleaned up. Just let me help you,"

Carla said, as she touched the blood on his arm.

Terence released her from his embrace. He gazed at her with many thoughts running through his mind and caressed her face gently.

"Carla, you will know just how much I love you, one day."

He chose not to tell her the whole truth because he didn't want to burden her with worries. He was afraid that it might hurt her before he cleared the way for her. There were too many enemies would hurt Carla once her true identity was exposed. That was something he would never allow to happen.

Sometimes, staying uninformed was a blessing.

"Yes, I can tell it even now! You're such a jerk! You set a trap for me, and now I'm stuck in it. What else can I do?" Carla looked at him, angrily and pushed him away.

Then she went to get the first aid case. She cleaned the wound and disinfected it. Finally, she put some medicine on it and bandaged it up.

Terence waited patiently for her to finish. Once she did, he embraced her again and pleaded pathetically, "Carla, even though you think I'm a playboy, I am a bachelor now. Can you stay with me, and not leave me?"

He chose to be misunderstood by Carla this time. However, when the time was right in the future, he would tell her the truth.

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