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   Chapter 162 Let's Talk

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10204

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Carla was too caught up in her thoughts to notice Terence. When she finally noticed his presence, she composed herself and looked at him.

"You... haven't left yet," Carla said softly.

For a moment, all the rage she had in her disappeared. All she could do then was look at the suitcase in her hand.

She intended to return to BH City but things didn't quite turn out the way she wanted them to.

"Rainer, can you please help me with my suitcase?" Carla addressed Rainer as she put her suitcase down.

Rainer nodded, took her suitcase and placed it in the trunk. Then, he turned to her with a gentle smile, "Ms. Carla, forgive me for saying this but please don't be upset with what Mr. Terence said earlier."

In reality, Carla knew Terence well enough to know that those harsh words were not for her.

She looked at the man who had done a lot of things for her that she couldn't even count all of them even if she tried to. All he did earlier was to protect her from his aunt and uncle.

Feeling her eyes on him, Terence turned his eyes on her. Still on his immobile position, he stared at her.

Carla raised her eyebrows and approached him. "Terence, let's talk somewhere quiet," Carla stated.

For the longest time, she had been holding back a lot of her feelings.

It was time for him to know.

Carla was not the kind of girl who can hide her emotions and pretend like everything was fine. But for Terence, she managed to hold it in her for so long.

Today, she decided that she needed to tell him everything!

At that moment, Carla didn't care about picking a fight with him anymore. She would rather end the relationship than stay and suffer more.

Terence went inside the car as a response to Carla's suggestion.

"Rainer, take us to the An's Mansion," Terence plainly ordered.

The An's Mansion was an exclusive property for the members of the An family. They only came to the place for important or confidential meetings, because the place provided a venue for quiet and discreet matters.

The ride to the mansion was silent. Only the car engine and the screeching of tires as it hit the road could be heard. Carla and Terence did not utter a word. If one listened closely, their breaths could be heard. Soon enough, the car stopped in front of the An's Mansion.

The two of them walked towards a small conference room.

Upon entering the said room, Carla went straight for the window. She stared at the view that it allowed as she pondered on how to start the conversation. They kept quiet for a while. Finally, Terence broke the silence. "Alright, what's on your mind?" Terence asked. He sat on the table with his arm crossed and his eyes focused on Carla. However, it seemed like what was outside had caught every bit of her attention. She remained mum and didn't answer his question. Terence took a deep breath and continued with a cold tone, "I told you. I don't like to force people into anything. If you wanted to leave, you just needed to tell me. I would have let you go."

Carla shivered a little

s for me? On the one hand... I knew you won't be able to marry me in the future, but on the other hand, you kept telling me about how our future would be. My heart was broken over and over every time that I think about it."

She raised her head slowly and looked at him with swollen eyes.

Terence was surprised and hurt. It hurt him to see the woman he loved in this way.

It never occurred to him that she had spent the past few days in such a miserable way. No wonder she wasn't acting like herself and kept on talking like a sharp-tongued woman.

But he couldn't blame her. It was not her fault at all.

Carla never knew her true identity, nor did he reveal a word to her. There was no way for her to know that the daughter of the Hua family was actually herself!

Right now, Terence was certain that Carla never had any doubts about her own identity. It was impossible for her to know that he wasn't talking about Bonnie and that instead, it had been her all along.

She didn't know. She knew nothing about it.

No one even told her a word about it.

"Is there anything else that you want to say?" Carla asked. She took a deep breath and nodded with a tearful smile. She calmly started, "Terence, I don't blame you for anything. Even if you marry Bonnie, I won't hate you.

I have to admit that I was a little impulsive today and I have to say sorry for that. I stayed here because of you, but my existence only brought you more troubles. You can't even go back to your own house right now. There was no point for me to stay. That is why I want to go back to BH City without you."

Carla calmed down and continued, "When Sean finishes this semester, I will take him with me to BH City. Terence, I think it's time to stop fighting. It's our fate. We're not kids anymore. We have to accept it. We tried but it's catching up on us. We need to let go."

Without hesitation, Carla walked out to the conference room.

Before she could leave, Terence grabbed her arm and quickly said, "Carla, Please hear me out!"

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