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   Chapter 161 The Only Chance

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Carla instinctively took a step back, hiding the suitcase behind.

Terence stood at the door, wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. His handsome face frowned when he saw the suitcase.

"Mr. Terence, you're here! "

Hearing the noise, Hasen's wife immediately pulled her back. "Carla, sit back. Let's talk later."

When Hasen saw Terence coming, he stood up and tidied his clothes. Lynn also stood up and looked to the door.

Lynn was drinking her glass of water, and when Terence entered the room, she was startled and nearly choked.

Her mother shot her a fierce look and Lynn immediately put her hand over her mouth.

Lynn had assumed that Terence must have been some short fat man, otherwise, how could he fall in love with Carla?

However, the moment she laid eyes on him, she was stunned at how handsome, tall, and elegant he was. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Never before had she seen a man like that. Dignified and graceful.

"Mr. Terence, I've heard a lot about you. Please, have a seat," said Hasen as he stepped forward to pull the chair out for him.

Terence sat down and glanced around without removing his sunglasses. He frowned and said, "Let's cut to the chase. What do you want?"

His aloof attitude intimidated the family of three.

He thought when Carla asked him out for lunch, it would be just the two of them.

But when he came in and saw the others he was disappointed.

One thing that really had irritated him

was that Carla was apparently going to leave as she had a suitcase with her. 'Where was she going?'

She didn't even try to make things work. Instead, she decided to leave without even telling him.

Terence's anger mounted.

"Waiter, serve the dishes quickly." Hasen went to call the waiter and then sat down facing Terence.

"Mr. Terence, I'm Carla's uncle. That's my wife and this is my daughter Lynn. We didn't want to bother you. But thinking of my daughter's future, I had no choice but to ask for your help. Mr. Terence, you're close to Carla. So please, can you help us?"

said Hasen while looking at his daughter like a worried father would.

These days parents were trying every possible means to get their children into the best universities to carve them a brighter future.

The An family had high power in JA City. If Terence agreed to help, Lynn could go to any university she wanted.

So, they made a great effort to come to JA City and meet him p

uneral arrangements, neither of them picked up the phone to call her and offer their help.

Now Carla had used her only opportunity offered to her for help in the future on her cousin, Lynn.

They realized how selfish they were.

Hasen stared at his wife with a look of blame.

"Okay!" Terence laughed and drank the tea. "Within one month you'll have good news. I'm leaving now."

Then he stood up and strode outside not even looking at the various dishes on the table.

"Mr. Terence! Please have lunch with us before you leave," Hasen called out excitedly. He was beaming with joy, as Terence agreed to help them.

Terence didn't hear as he had already left the room.

The moment Terence left, Carla stood up and bid farewell to her uncle. "Since you have what you wished for I am going as well."

"Carla, why are you in such a hurry? Stay and have lunch with us," requested Hasen as he frowned.

Carla ignored them and walked outside with her suitcase.

It was such an embarrassing moment. Now Terence knew that she was planning to leave.

Things just happened. They were, after all her relatives, and it would seem ruthless not to help them.

It was midday.

Carla left the restaurant where her uncle was and planned to find another one to eat at. She wouldn't be able to swallow a single bite in there with the Hasen family.

"Where are you going? Leaving home like that? Are you going back to BH City?"

said Terence looking at Carla who was striding ahead with a suitcase. He was still wearing the sunglasses and was leaning against a blue Porsche casually with one hand in his pocket.

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