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   Chapter 160 Carla's Uncle Came Looking For Her (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5648

Updated: 2019-06-27 03:29

Rainer put his phone on speaker so Terence could hear their conversation. Upon hearing what Carla had said, Rainer stared at Terence, waiting for the man's reaction.

Terence kept silent for a short while and gestured for Rainer to tell Carla that he would be there.

"Well, unfortunately, Mr. Terence has a lunch appointment with an important client, so I'm afraid he will be unavailable..." Rainer feigned disappointment. After seeing Terence's look, he quickly added, "But Miss Carla is an exception. Since you're asking him out, I'm sure he will be there."

The moment Rainer hung up, Terence threw the pen that he was holding into Rainer's direction.

"Rainer, do you want to get your ass kicked?" Terence half-jokingly asked.

Rainer picked up the pen and walked towards Terence with a smile. "Mr. Terence, I know there is trouble between you and Miss Carla right now. I'm just trying to make you look really cool.

It's not always a good move to just give and push your affections towards her. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and pull. You know, act a little cold towards her. Only in this way will she realize how it feels when you're not there. Before you know it, she'll be the one chasing you," Rainer explained in detail.

If looks could kill, Rainer would have been dead with how hard Terence was looking at him. After a while, Terence looked at his watch and saw that it was just past ten in the morning. Then, he stood up and walked out of his office.

"Mr. Terence, what are you going to do?" Rainer asked.

"Take a bath and get changed," Terence responded before he could fully leave the office.

Rainer was left alone in the office, speechless.

illing to give you money and food, then you should learn to be contented."

Hasen's wife guessed that Terence must be angry at Carla because she was pressuring him to marry her. As a result, he kicked her out of his villa.

Carla couldn't bear it anymore. She suddenly stood up and said, "Uncle, auntie, since I already made a call to Terence, I'll be leaving now." After these words, she immediately took her luggage and started to walk out.

"Please stay here with us," her aunt begged her. Upon hearing Carla's words, she hastily stood up, approached Carla and continued, "You're the reason Terence is coming here. He doesn't know us. If you leave, he wouldn't pay any attention to us. Carla, please be patient. Just do me this favor, okay?"

Carla tried to calm herself. She took a few deep breathes and then stated, "Uncle, Terence will show up in a minute. When he arrives here, you can say whatever you want to say to him. I'll be leaving now."

Then, she immediately turned away from them all and headed towards the exit.

When she opened the door of the private room, Terence was standing at the doorway.

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