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   Chapter 158 Silent Treatment (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6021

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After a very nerve-racking day, Carla eventually got home an hour later.

She sat on her bed and thought to herself, 'Maybe it would be best if I left. We need to give each other some space to cool down and clear our heads.'

But she couldn't put herself in danger. She just had a narrow escape a few says ago. She wouldn't risk her own life by running away from home.

Carla needed to protect herself. She only had one life.

Carla realized that she must have made Terence really angry, because she hadn't received a single call from him since they went out and that was unlike him. He could never go a day without talking to her.

Carla waited up late for him to return. Not being able to keep her eyes open anymore, she fell asleep. For the first time in her life, she had no idea where Terence was.

When they usually had an argument and she was wrong, Terence used to forgive her immediately and just brush it off his shoulder like it was nothing. It was different this time, and he wasn't going to forget this.

Carla finally came to realize one thing about Terence. Either he tolerated all her faults and never took it seriously, or he would be really mad and really hard to soothe when she crossed the line.

She had always been hardheaded and stubborn. Carla wasn't going to apologize to Terence as she believed she wasn't in the wrong this time.

Their love life ended faster than it started. It was heartbreaking to know what they could have had; they shared something special together that not many couples could achieve.

Carla felt that all the love, affection and memorable moments were all just a waste of time. Their relationship was bound to end horribly. He had to marry Bonnie someday and she had to leave him. They had to end this relationship. The sooner the bette

Carla! Hasen! Look! It's Carla."

"Oh, yes indeed!"

Carla forced a smile as a two women and a man got out of the car, "Uncle? Aunt? Why are you here?"

"Carla, it's really you! Thank goodness I asked the driver to stop." Hasen's wife was more than happy to see her. She trotted to Carla and grabbed her hands.

"Carla, you have no idea how hard it was to find this place. We spent almost two hours trying to sweet talk the security guards to let us in. Don't tell your uncle but I secretly slipped them one of the gifts, and that is why they let us in. Hasen thought it was his charm. You best not tell him dear. If he knew that I did that it will give him a complex about himself."

Hasen's eyes twinkled with delight as he spoke to Carla. "We know Mr. Terence is a very busy man. We didn't want to bother you, Carla, but we don't have any other option. That is why we came here." What do you say? Carla, could you please introduce us to Mr. Terence?"

Hasen's wife added to the conversation, "Yes, please, Carla. We have come all the way to see him. We also brought gifts with us! Introduce us to him, will you?"

Hasen's wife demanded, with an eager, ingratiating smile on her face.

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